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Making census of the Hamptons 1850 Washington County, TN

Hampton Census Analysis Part II

In 1850 there were 12 Hampton heads of household in Washington County. Additionally, 6 Hamptons are recorded as members of other households.
Family # Name Head of household Born Occupation Value of RE Place of Birth

858 And Hampton x 1832 farmer NC
889 R Jesse Hampton x 1790 farmer TN
890 R Wm Hampton 1828 trainer TN
890 R Robt Hampton 1827 trainer TN
1000 John Hampton x 1797 farmer NC
1167 R Wade Hampton x 1818 farmer 1140 TN
1264 Wm Hampton x 1786 Hammermaker (?) NC
1270 Thos Hampton x 1820 Hammermaker (?) NC
1282 Russa Hampton x 1811 TN
1345 John Hampton x 1825 train 300 NC
1407 David Hampton x 1825 farmer NC
1431 W Wm Hampton x 1826 shoemaker SC
1676 R Nancy Hampton 1788 TN
2100 Jeremiah Hampton x 1811 farmer TN
2111 R Hiram Hampton x 1811 farmer 1300 TN

The Robert family includes his son Jesse (#889), Jesse’s sons William and Robert (#890), Robert’s daughter-in-law Nancy (#1676, widow of Robert, Jr. who died before 1850) and her sons Wade (#1167) and Hiram (#2111). These relationships are established by estate and property transactions following the death of the younger Robert.

Winny/Winey is probably enumerated as Vienna Hampton in the household of Wm Hampton (#1431). Supporting this is the fact that Peleg Rigsby, who married Eliz. Hampton, was enumerated next to Winny Hampton in 1840. In 1850 they are still nearby (#1397). In 1860 this William and his family are enumerated in Claiborne County, TN. Living nearby are Peleg Rigsby and Isaac Tapp, who married another Hampton female. Winey/Winny/Vienna is no longer listed. It should also be noted that William Hampton’s occupation is recorded as shoemaker. Years earlier, in 1794 a James Hampson was bound out to an Alex McKee learn shoemaking. This James may have been related to William Hampson, whose estate was inventoried in 1793.

It is unclear who the hammermaker Hamptons are. Though indexed as Hamilton, I read their names as Hampton. They may be related to the Thomas or William who were listed in 1840, though the Williams are clearly not the same men. There was a Col. Wm. Hampton enumerated in 1830 Wilkes, NC census who was the same age as this William.

It is also unclear who And Hampton (#858) and David Hampton (#1407) are. An Andrew Hampton, age 18 and a tanner appears on the 1850 mortality list.

The Jeremiah Hampton family (#2100) was enumerated in Gilmer County, GA in 1860. This apparently the Jeremiah who married Sela Laws in 1829 in Wilkes County, NC. He may be the Jeremiah enumerated in the 1830 Jefferson County, TN census.

One further relationship becomes clear when comparing the 1850 and 1860 census data. The John Hampton families #1000 and #1345 are living next door to each other in Cocke County in 1860.

What is clear is that many of these Hamptons have links to the Laws family, to Carter and Cocke Counties in TN and to Wilkes County in NC.  What is still not clear is how - or if - the Robert and Winny Hampton families found in 1830 relate to the new families found in 1850.  Sigh...

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