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Amanuensis Monday: Samuel McAdams Family Notes

Thanks to John at Transylvanian Dutch for providing a framework (and nudge) for transcribing family records, news clippings and other treasures.

Three pages of notes, handwritten (with a margin note and a couple of additions at later dates in pencil and pen), were written by my grandmother, Iva Williams Sawyer. The notes contain birth, marriage and death information for the family of her grandparents, Samuel Bryson McAdams and Rachel Mulkey. The pages appear to have been written in the 1960s and may have been copied from another source, but I have no knowledge of the source of the information contained in these notes. It is possible that Iva was writing down information her mother, Flora McAdams (eldest child of Samuel & Rachel) had given her. These notes were in her papers at her death.

Page one


Flora Elizabeth McAdams Apr. 17 – 1867
Elmer Ellis McAdams Aug. 4th, 1869
Albert Martin McAdams April 10, 1871
Thomas Edward McAdams June 7th, 1874
Isaac Judson McAdams Feb. 12th, 1877
Ulysses Dakota McAdams Dec 14, 1879
Mamie Violetta McAdams June 22, 1883

Page two


Samuel B. McAdams
   May 13th, 1900
Rachel Mulkey McAdams
   April 22, 1906
Albert M. McAdams
   Nov. 30th, 1913
Elmer E. McAdams
   Jan 20, 1925
Edward T. McAdams
   Mar 21st, 1930
Lena L. Williams (Daughter of Flora Williams)
   Feb 9th, 1896
Mamie V. McAdams
   Oct 12th, 1884
Lonnie Mae McAdams – Daughter of Albert McAdams
   Dec 19, 1899
Vera Ethel McAdams – Daughter of Ed McAdams
   Nov. 14, 1903
Flora McAdams Williams
   Dec. 17th, 1945 – at Johnson City Tenn.

[The next two items were written at later date, in darker ink, but also written by Iva.]

 Earl Emmet Williams – Aug. 1, 1915
Argil Bryson Williams – Nov 1, 1960

Page three

[No heading]

Samuel B. McAdams
b. Feb. 3rd, 1845                                [hand drawn vertical line] m. May 9th 1866
Rachel Mulkey
b. Sept 15th 1939

Flora Elizabeth McAdams                  m.             Reese Jackson Williams
b. April 13th, 1867                                                Mar. 8, 1888
Elmer E. McAdams                          m.             Ollie Davidson
b. Aug 4, 1869                                                      Jan. 6, 1901
Albert M. McAdams                         m.              Lola Oliver
b. April 10th, 1871                                                  Sept 12th, 1895
Thomas Edward McAdams               m.               Lou Hayes
b. June 7th, 1874                                                   Dec. 24, 1895
Isaac Judson McAdams
b. June 7th, 1874
Ulysses D. McAdams
  Dec. 14, 1879
Mamie V. McAdams
b. June 22, 1883
d. Oct 12 1884 [this item is written in pencil and includes the margin note “Correct in another place”]
Ula Lee McAdams
b. Oct. 25, 1898
Lonnie Mae McAdams
b. June 15th, 1896
Vera Ethel McAdams
b. Dec. 28, 1896

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