Monday, September 13, 2010

Madness Monday: Crazy with Joy

The genealogy gods, fickle sprites that they be, have smiled upon me. While we were visiting my mother-in-law this past weekend her sister brought out an old family Bible. An 1832 Bible, to be exact. A Bible I did not know existed. I know I paled; I damn near swooned.

The moment would read like geneaporn if I used the adjectives that come to mind. Let me just say the earth moved.

And there was more. She dug out other items for me to examine. She has her grandmother's genealogical research papers and rolled pedigree charts from the late 19th and early 20th century; first person accounts of the Civil War; handwritten certified copies of early 19th c. wills and estate inventories; her great-grandmother's baptismal veil from 1840 (that one brought me to tears). I didn't even open half the envelopes or file folders.

I spent a crazed few hours transcribing the family record from the Bible and doing a preliminary inventory while watching the clock so I wouldn't miss my plane home. I will go back in the Spring with a plan of action and the necessary equipment to document and archive the materials.

I'll have all kinds of specific questions as I figure out how to proceed, but for now a dazed "Yippee!" and a heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving is all I can manage. I would name my firstborn child for her if I could. At least their names are close. 


  1. Photograph everything you can,

    What a wonderful find, you will be on a genie high for weeks! LOL


  2. Susan, Is this the person you were talking about, the 90 yr. old? Wow oh wow, how wonderful. Bet you wanted to tell everybody on the plane!

  3. Oh my goodness, Susan. I am so excited for you. You just had one of those moments where everything has changed. Doors open, nagging questions are answered, and your research will never be the same. I've had that happen twice in all the years that I've been doing genealogy. Both times I cried. I so know where you are coming from.

    FYI, "geneaporn" is a great term! Mark my words, that will be quoted...

    Enjoy the discovery!

  4. Wow! How exciting! Get back there ASAP!

  5. The people on the plane just weren't as excited as you all. Go figure. And Barbara, she loves your flower pix. I interspersed them with the family pix on the digital picture frame. Huge hit. Thank you.

  6. That is so great and a very special find. I am surprised you couldn't fly home yourself from the high!

  7. Hope its in good shape. Max


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