Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Roger's Men's Clothing Store - Wordless Wednesday

Roger's Men's Clothing Store, Morristown, TN c. 1962.  

My grandfather, Bob Sawyer, is pictured in the upper right in front of the hat display.  Athletic shirts were on sale, 3 for $2.00.  Getting a gumball from the machine next to the cash register was a huge treat for us. 

Roger's Men's Clothing Store, Morristown, TN, undated. Digital Image. Privately held by Nolichucky Roots [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE], 1999.


  1. What great quality this picture has!

  2. I remember shopping in a store like this not that long ago (80's). It's a real shame these types of stores are so hard to find nowadays. Nice photo!.

  3. is that a picture of the founder in the photo over the door, wearing a hat?

  4. It is Kristin. The original photograph shows the whole floor with Mr. Rogers in the middle of the store, but I cropped the photo to show Granddaddy more.

  5. Look how tidy the store was...

    And I bet you got personalized service.

  6. I keep going back to this, and now I'll comment. This may seem like an old photo to some...but to me, it is almost current, you see, I graduated from H.S. in 1962 (I know, hard to believe)!


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