Friday, February 11, 2011

Alternate Realities

This has been a surreal day.

I've spent it at home, snug in my robe and slippers scanning 19th c. receipts, watching RootsTech presentations streamed live from Salt Lake City and the fall of a government streamed live from Cairo.

It is beyond my ability to process.


  1. I spent it refinancing my house and visiting with and visiting with an old friend. Being off the computer and out of earshot of streaming news from Egypt for the first time in days. Cannot believe I missed the moment! Love the picture you give in your very short paragraph.

  2. I just made the comment to my husband imagining what it would be like if we had our country's move toward independence filmed. Wow.

    Haven't figured out how to get the Rootstech stuff yet. (I've not been home much anyway).

  3. Absolutely surreal...and what a great way to sum it up in just a few words and a great group of pictures!

  4. Probably the closest you'll ever get to parallel time travel...


  5. A day you won't ever forget. Glad you got to do that. You wrote so few words, yet a lot was said.

  6. It was a great day!
    Specifically, how did you create your collage of screen captures and scans?

  7. Kay - I used Picasa 3, which I have on my Mac. There's an option to create collages with selected images. The scatter/tossed in air collage is one of the choices.


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