Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hricak ~ Bihun Wedding: (Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Carpatho-Rusyn wedding party, Chicago, c. 1923

The bride was my first cousin, once removed, Anna Hricak. The groom was a young man who had been boarding with the family, Ignatz Bihun. I believe Anna's sister Mary is standing on the far right. Anna and Iggy were probably married at St. Mary's Greek Catholic Church at 49th & Seely Avenue. In 1931 they left St. Mary's to join the newly formed St. Peter and Paul's Orthodox Church. Iggy, who had a magnificent voice, became the choral director there. I was thrilled last year to read an article mentioning him at Lake Michigan Rusyns

Sometime after Anna died in 1951 Iggy moved to Bridgeport, CT where he was a church cantor while I was growing up. Occasionally I'd be puzzled how this man, who was so much older than I, was my cousin and my father would once again explain that Iggy had been married to his first cousin which made him my cousin. Most of the time I just loved listening him sing. 

Hricak-Bihun Wedding,  Photograph, undated. Digital Image.  Privately held by Susan Popp Clark [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE], 2008.


  1. Wonderful story and photo! What a large wedding party.

  2. Thanks for posting a link to the Lake Michigan Rusyns - very interesting!

  3. What a classic picture! I love it!

  4. I have a photo of a family wedding from the same time period and the headpiece is similar with the bows/poufs at the side of the head. It must have been the style during the 1920's. Very nice.


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