Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bob & Iva in the beginning - Wordless Wednesday

Bob & Iva Williams Sawyer, c. 1926

A photograph from the album of Mary Kathryn Sawyer McKenzie, Bob's sister. The photo, taken outside their home in Portland, Oregon, was mailed home to Bob's family in Tennessee.


  1. Aren't they an adorable couple?!!! It seems like back porch and yard photos were popular during that time period. I have several of my parents in similar locations. I also enjoy seeing the shadow of the photographer. I wonder if you can tell who it was from the outline. Sometimes it's almost as if I can close my eyes and see the face of the person holding the camera because the silhouette "looks" like the person. Great photo!

  2. I've got a few of those photos too. and I wondered who the shawdowy photographer was.


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