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Nargalsharezzer Palmer (really) Deed - Amanuensis Monday

This deed introduces the leader of our family "all-name" team - my husband's 5th great-grandfather Nargalsharezzer Palmer. His is one name that has not been passed down through the generations!

I do not know who Nargal's parents were, or who his wife or wives were beyond his widow Jane. She was named in his 1769 will. Also mentioned in his will is this land which he describes as "beginning at the head of the middle cove running up the branch to a large persimmon, a corner to Robert Palmer". He is closely associated with the Palmers on the adjoining properties and is first named in the 1748 will of Isaac Palmer, who refers to him as his cousin, leaves him half his estate, and appoints him executor. William James, who's land adjoins this piece of property, named a daughter Winifred Palmer in his 1758 will. At least two of Nargal's sons named daughters Winnie or Winnefred James Palmer. Robert Palmer, who's land is also mentioned was married to another of William James' daughters.

This deed, found during my recent stint at the Library of Virginia, does not solve any of the Nargal mysteries (including why he was given such a dreadful name). But it does place him squarely in the midst of many of the families he is believed to have been closely related to. It is also one of the most densely written deeds I've worked with - almost unreadable in terms of verbage. I have chosen to share it in smaller print fully expecting that few will read it unless it directly relates to their research. Names and significant points have been indicated with font changes. I have attempted to match the original spelling.

One final point of interest - the indenture specifies the purchase price for the land as 125 pounds, but the memorandum at the end records a payment of 115 pounds.

Lunsford }
to            } Deed
Palmer   }

This Indenture made the Seventh Day of November in the Twenty third year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the faith and in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven Hundred and fifty  Between Moses Lunsford of Wicomoco Parish in Northumberland County and Colony of Virginia of the one Part and Nargalsharezzer Palmer of the same Parish and County and Colony of the other Part Witnesseth that the said Moses Lunsford for and in Consideration of one hundred and Twenty five pounds Currant Money in hand Paid the Receipt where of the said Moses Lunsford doth Acknowledge Hath demised granted Sold promised released Enfeossed (sp?) and Confirmed and by these Presents doeth Demise Grant Bargain Sell Remise Release Enfeosse (sp?) and Confirm unto Nargalsharezzer Palmer his Heirs Executors Administrators or assigns one hundred and Eighty Six acres of Land Situate Lying and being on Great Wicomoco River side in the aforesaid Parish County and Colony and is Bounded as followeth beginning for the bounds of the Said Land at a Water Oak on the Bank by the River Side -- Joyning Mr George Paynes Land thence Southerly along a line of marked trees to a Cedar Post Joyning Mr. George Paynes and William Jameses Land thence along a line of Marked trees Joyning William Jameses Southwest to a Dogwood at the head of the Cool Spring Branch Joyning William Palmers Land a Corner tree thence along a line of marked Trees Northerly to a Corner Post by the -- Road Joyning the above Said William Palmer and Robert Palmers Land thence Northeastily down along a path to a Pissimin tree Joyning Robert Palmers Land thence along a line of Marked trees Northeast to a Corner Ash in Robert

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Palmers Spring Branch Joyning the said Moses Lunsfords Land thence down the Branch to the Creek thence down the Creek to the River thence down the Above said River to the Place begun Including by Estimation one hundred and Eighty Six acres of Land with all woods Underwoods trees timber trees waters Meadows Pastures feedings Marshes as also fensing houses orchards Gardens and backsides to the Said one hundred and Eighty Six acres of Land --
Belonging or any wayes Appertaining or therewith used occupied or enjoyed together with all Right Priviledges advantages appertinances to the Same or any wise appertaining and the Reversion and Reversions remainder or Remainders Rents Issues Profitts thereof To have and to hold the said one hundred and Eighty Six acres of Land be the Same more or Less and Premises and Every Part and Parcell of them hereby Granted Bargained and Sold or Mentioned or -- intended  to be Bargained Granted and Sold and Every Part and Parcell thereof with the appurtances unto the said Nargalshrezzer Palmer his heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns for Ever to the only Proper use and behooss (sp?) of him the said Nargalsharezzer Palmer his heirs Executors Administrators and assigns for Ever and _____ and Paying the Quitrents for the Same of right Accustomed and the Said Moses Lunsford for him Self his heirs Executors and Administrators that at thte time of the Ensealing and Delivery of these Presents hath on him Self good Right - and Lawfull Power and authority to Grant and Convey the said one hundred and Eighty Six acres of Land and Premisses in manner and form aforesaid and that the said Nargalsharezzer Palmer his heirs Executors Administrators or assigns shall or may from time to time and at all times hereafter hold occupy Possess and Enjoy the Same and Every Part thereof without the Least hindrance and Missistation (sp?) of him the Said Moses Lunsford or his heirs Executors Administrators or any other Person or Persons whatsover Claming from or by under him free and Clear and freely and Clearly Acquitted Exonorated and Discharged of and from and from all manner of Joynheres Dowers Gifts Grants Bargains

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Sales Leases Morgages Judgements Executions and Ext__ts and from all other Troubles whatsoever Committed and done by him the Said Moses Lunsford his heirs Executors Administrators or any other Person or Persons Claiming from or under him and Shall and will warrent and forever Defend the said Promises unto him the Said Nargalsharezzer Palmer his heir Executors Administrators or assigns for Ever and will from time to time and at all times hereafter at and upon the Reasonable request Cost and Charge of him the Said Nargalsharezzer Palmer his heirs Executors Administrators or assigns delivery Suffor and acknowledge or couse to be made done Served and acknowledged all or any other Deed Conveyance or Conveyances assurance or assurances in the Law Whatsoever for the more Perfect and Sure making of the Said Premisses unto the Said Nargalsharezzer Palmer his heirs Executors Administrators or assigns as his Councill in the Law Shall be in that behalf reasoned devised Advised tendered and Required In Witness whereof the Part first Mentioned above to this Present Indenture hath set his hand and fixed his Seale the Day and year first above Writton.
Signed Sealed an' Delivered }
    In the Presence of             }                  Moses Lunsford {L:S}
Moses Oldham --}  Rodam Lunsford}
Wm Coppedge --}  Thomas James --}
William Harding}   John Palmer ---- }
                                William Palmer }
December the 10th 1750
Memorandum That Quiet and Peaceable Possession and Seizeon of the within Mentioned one hundred and Eighty Six acres of land and Premisses was this Day Given and Delivered by the Within named Moses Lunsford first Part of this Indenture unto Nargalsarezzer Palmer of the other Partie to this Indenture by the Delivery of  ___ and ___ upon the said Land in the Presence of Thomas James, John Palmer and William Palmer
Then Received of Nargalsharezzer Palmer one hundred and fifteen Pounds Current Money being full satisfaction for the Within mentioned Land and Premises as Witness my hand this 12 Day of November 1750,
Thomas James - }                               Moses Lunsford
William Palmer}  John Palmer
At a Court held for Northumberland County the 10th Day of December 1750
This Deed from Moses Lunsford to Nargalsharezzer Palmer and Livery and Seisen and Receipt Endorsed was acknowledged by the said Lunsford and ordered to be Recorded,
                                                           Teste, Thos Jones Junr C C

Source: Northumberland, VA, Record Books, No. 1:183, Lunsford to Palmer Deed, 7 Nov 1750; Library of Virginia Reel #6.                      


  1. I wonder what his parent's names were and how they looked at a tiny baby and named him Nargalsharezzer and if he had siblings with similar names.

  2. Hmm, Nargalsharezzer ... I guess that beats Ebenezer Blatchley (my "name-I-would-never-give-a-child" ancestor).

  3. Whew, what a name--

    I wonder how long it took him to learn now to spell his own name.

  4. omigosh...sure beats Snow White in my family tree.


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