Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pye Chart - (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Among Maria Lee Palmer Smith's papers I examined this summer were hand drawn pedigree charts outlining her husband's family. Based on the handwriting, I believe they were prepared by a Washington DC genealogist, Katherine C. Dorsey, who did research for Maria Lee and had extensive correspondence with her during the 1890s.

This chart outlines the ancestors and descendants of Roger Pye of the Mynde. My husband has one Pye ancestor listed in a respected (but unsourced) family history prepared several decades ago - his 4th great-grandmother, Elizabeth Pye. I have not yet examined or evaluated the research in Maria Lee's papers to see how Elizabeth may connect to these charted Pyes, but I treasured seeing these century old pedigrees.


  1. What a treasure, Pye or Pie Chart, what I'd give to have that! I wonder if Maria Lee was interested in joining the DAR which was founded in 1890 in Washington, DC.

  2. That's a wonderful document to have. Take good care of it!

  3. Are your Pyes from Newfoundland? I'm working on a Pye chart for a friend, and that's where her family came from before they came to Massachusetts. I also remember doing everything by hand, that's how long I've been working on genealogy. I remember have long drawers of 3x5 cards for each person in the file, and my biggest fear was dropping the drawer! Sort of like having your computer crash today...

  4. Stunning, I would be a failure in genie if I had to draw those charts. Very cool tho! As long as I don't have to make one! LOL

  5. Barb - She was most interested in joining the DAR but did not know enough about her own background to qualify. She did make sure her sons were members of the SAR through their father's family and was a member of several other lineage societies.

    Heather - I know so little about the family, but these Pyes were in Maryland in the early 1700s and apparently came from a family in Herefordshire, England.

  6. I draw these charts all the time because I can never get my software to print what I want and how I want it! What a treasure and not something to ever be tossed out! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Is the chart or data from it available on line?
    For years I have been trying to find information about the ancestors of Alice Pye who was born about 1456 in Nedging, Suffolk, England and
    married Henry Munning abt. 1485.

  8. owenb - I've done no research on this line so I've no idea what is available. Please email me (see link in right column on top of page). I will be glad to send you a copy of the digital image.

  9. What a treasure this chart is. I'm very interested in this lineage as my Pye family traces back to the Pyes in Labrador and the Pyes in Maryland/Barbados. If anyone has more information please contact me at

    This family crest is over a chapel altar at the Church of St. David in Much Dewchurch.


    Jeanne Pye Sandford


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