Saturday, October 1, 2011

Can't watch baseball so here's my mother - SNGF

It's Saturday evening and I'm listening to the Cardinals play their first post-season game. Too tense to watch so Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun is a perfect distraction. Yikes. Other guys just scored.

Anyway, Randy asked us to list our matrilineal line and mtDNA Haplogroup if we've been tested.

The mothers -
  1. Susan Clark
  2. Carolyn Sawyer (b. 10 Dec 1929 TN, d. 10 Jul 1999 CT) married LIVING
  3. Iva Williams (b. 31 Jan 1900 TN, d. 27 Jun 1993 TN) married Robert Sawyer
  4. Flora McAdams (b. 13 Apr 1867 IL, d. 17 Dec 1945 TN) married R.J. Williams
  5. Rachel Mulkey (b.15 Sep 1839 TN, d. 1906 TN) married Samuel McAdams
  6. Ann Duncan (b. 23 Oct 1809 TN, d. 12 Dec 1849 TN) married Philip Mulkey
  7. Sarah Hunt (b. 10 Nov 1789 TN, d. 9 Jul 1858 TN) married James Duncan
  8. Sarah MNU (b. 14 Mar 1763, d. 13 Feb 1834 TN) married Uriah Hunt
I did autosomal testing earlier this year and learned my mtDNA Haplogroup is H, the most common European haplogroup. That's not specific enough to provide any hints on my mystery Sarah, beyond the probability that her mother was not an Indian princess.

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