Monday, November 28, 2011

I wonder?

There's a tradition of Thanksgiving births in our family. My father-in-law and his sister shared a Nov. 26th birthday. My son was born today - or rather, on this date, a few years back. 

It's made for fun holidays over the years. He and his grandfather shared birthday celebrations the first few years of his life. After his grandfather's death his birthday usually included family visits or gatherings. Today he is settled in his adult life, far from our home (and much missed), about to be a father himself. 

I wonder what the newest Clark will look like? 

Happy Birthday, Son. May you have as much joy with your holiday child as we've had with ours.


  1. Happy Birthday Sir Clark, the almost daddy. Oh, and Susan, I love the collage.

  2. Adorable collage, Susan! Amazing how time flies--my little guy just turned 22. Happy birthday to your son and best wishes as you await that new grandchild. How exciting is that?!

  3. I am still a few years away from becoming a grandfather myself, but I can tell my parents are enjoying the experience. Anyway, I'm inspired to do some 'collage-ing' myself again!

  4. Let me add my compliments on the collage. Have you ever considered posting to for Mosaic Monday? I love collages because sometimes I struggle trying to decide which picture to use. Problem solved.


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