Tuesday, January 31, 2012

112 years ago today....

Today is the 112th anniversary of my grandmother Iva Williams Sawyer's birth. She lived a long life and we had many opportunities to celebrate together.

The last two milestone birthdays we gathered for were her 85th (a memorable, rowdy surprise party - all the greater because it was in the early spring when it was easier for us all to travel) and her 90th (a much quieter gathering with dinner at the Little Dutch).

She presents something of a challenge for me. Our relationship was complicated. But as I've looked through the pictures today it's clear how much she and her children cherished, loved and flat out enjoyed one another. That her grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue to gather, love and enjoy one another is surely a testament to her and her girls.

Happy birthday, Grandmother. I'm grateful for all the years we had together.


  1. Awww...a lovely tribute to your Grandmother! Happy Birthday Iva!

  2. I love this post and the accompanying collage. It makes me wonder about the "complicated" relationship, however. Why am I not surprised that you are thinking of Grandmothers today? It's hard to imagine being remembered by a grandchild as you just did. Touching.

  3. How lucky you were to know your grandmother. One of mine died 15 years before I was born, the other was killed before I was two. I so regret never having been able to know them.

  4. What a nice post. Of course I too am wondering about the complicated relationship but as I think about my grandchildren, I wouldn't be surprised if by the time I'm 112 years old some of them can point to a complicated relationship. I just hope they share the good memories somewhere!!

  5. Great that you have so many photos to help you re-discover your grandmother! My grandkids are scattered and we don't often get together with my kids'n all. These are such important relationships and we only recognize the special unique qualities of our grandmothers when we/they get much much older! Cheers on a lovely post.

  6. What a legacy your grandmother has left your family if everyone still enjoys gathering together. Though I'm also curious as to the ins and outs of that complicated relationship, I know so many of our lives bear that same testimony. Despite those difficulties, Iva was certainly blessed to have a grand-daughter who still remembers and honors her today.

  7. I think all relationships have a degree of complexity to them. This post - a lovely tribute to your grandmother - has made me wonder what my own legacy will be.

    Dee at Shakin' the Family Tree

  8. Beautiful, Susan. Sounds like your grandmother left a legacy of togetherness for her family. And what fun would a family be without some complications, anyway?

    1. You have created a beautiful tribute for your Grandmother. She is lucky to have had such a thoughtful granddaughter. Life is complicated so we might as well embrace complications. I had a complicated Grandmother too! Thanks for sharing. Linda

  9. Thank you so much for your kind comments. Not only do I appreciate them, but Iva would love them! I've been mulling more on all things grandmotherish and will be posting more.

    As for complicated - I can only imagine what my descendants will write about me someday. I take after Iva in many (though not all) ways.


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