Monday, March 12, 2012

Comments, Captchas and Conversations

This will be quick. Blogger recently changed the captcha code to include two words. Without going into dreary personal information, my vision is such (or not such) that it's too difficult for me to manage the codes. I tried the audio codes only to discover my hearing isn't any better. Not a cheerful realization.

At any rate, I am no longer able to prove I'm not a robot. For those of you using the codes please understand I am not suggesting you remove them. We all need to take care of ourselves first. I can easily understand that you might choose the codes over dealing with the dratted annoying damn spammers.

But I do miss being able to comment on some of my favorite blogs. I've read some wonderful posts lately! So going forward I will be using the Google+ button more frequently. If you see a +1 from me you'll know I loved the post.  I'm also sharing more posts to Google+ where conversations flourish.

My inner conspiracy theorist wonders if this isn't part of a world domination plan to push everyone to Google+. Whatever. Just wanted you to know why I wasn't commenting the way I used to.


  1. Well I have also had huge problems using both the 2-word captchas and the audio. After trying so many times I sit there wondering what ON EARTH is wrong with me, so I am heartened by your post. I agree, onward with the ubiquitous +s.

  2. I hate the captcha! I mean, I get the security thing ... but some of them are so hard to decipher, it's almost like you need a decoder ring. That's why I took the captcha off my blog. I'd rather approve the comments one by one and weed out the spam myself than subject my readers to that. I don't think that many robots read my blog anyway :)

  3. Susan, if size is the main problem with captchas, there may be help. Do you have a mouse with a wheel on it? If so, you can change the size of the print and images on your monitor. With the mouse's cursor in an area where you want to enlarge the type, click the left mouse button. Then holding down the "control" key on the keyboard, roll the wheel on the mouse. Every mouse might work differently but with my mouse, when I push the wheel forward toward the monitor, the print gets larger. Wheel it back toward me and it gets smaller. I find that I can enlarge the comment box to fill the whole monitor. Maybe it will help you.... (I was thinking about you and your vision problem this morning but forgot to send you a note ... until I saw this post tonight.) Hope it helps.

  4. I hate the things too. Don't understand why blogger can't do something like wordpress to catch the spam without capcha. perhaps you are right about the conspiracy.

  5. I hate them, too! It's bad enough that there are two words now, but I have incredible problems reading the distorted, broken letters. I'd be willing to do the single word in bendy-but-still-recognizable letters, but this is ridiculous. Well, I feel better now. You can comment without capcha on my blog. Now, all I have to do is write a post (which I will do when my insane work schedule dies down....).

  6. To top that off, I recently realized that I had been blissfully unaware that my new iPad insists on auto-correcting my "spelling mistakes" when I try to enter those contorted captcha words. And here I was, wondering why I always "guessed" wrong. :P

    I hereby confess, and do realize the error of my blogging ways, in perpetrating this problem via tech ignorance, and have tromped through all those behind-the-scenes tech pages to make the appropriate change to chuck the captcha! Yay! Come make yourself at home at my place, Susan, and comment away to your heart's delight!

  7. I sadly, as Susan already knows, am one that felt I needed to put the captcha back on, as I have been the victim of spam attacks in the mega sense of the word. When it spread to my Lenawee blogs I thought I might have a stroke due to caniption fits! (It's a southern thing! LOL)

    I was getting 3 to 6 a day on one blog, and 10 to 20 on the other, then, I got 4 in 3 hours and lost count on the other in that same time span.

    I caved, I could not deal with it. I have apologized to Susan many times, she knows I tried, she knows I failed.

    I am sorry, but captcha stays on all of my blogs. I hate it, I HATE IT! But, it stays until someone locks up and tosses all sets of keys to these miserable excuses for people that spend their time splogging and spamming me.

    I just cannot deal with all those notification emails, and oh, it upsets my Puritan sensibilities too, to read some of this crudzola. I am weak.


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