Monday, June 3, 2013

The Bonnel Siblings

These two undated photographs of seven Bonnel brothers and sisters are from Grandma Bonnel's (Eva Whitaker) photo album. The names are written on the back of both photographs (blessings be on she who wrote those captions). Henry died in 1951, so the photos were most likely taken in the late 1940s or 1950 and most likely at the Atchison County, KS home of one of the siblings. Laura and Josie had moved to Southern California and must have been home visiting. Looking at the clothing they are wearing it is possible the occasion was the funeral of Kate Henry's husband, John, who is reported to have died in September, 1946.

Henry Bonnel, Eva Whitaker, Kate Henry, Laura Butler, Ida Beech, Josie Pittman and John Bonnel

Eva Whitaker, Josie Pittman, Henry Bonnel, Ida Beech, John Bonnel, Laura Butler and Kate Henry
One more Bonnel sister was still alive at the time, the eldest, Mary Ettie Bonnel Freeland. She died in 1952 and is buried in Kingman County, KS.

Whitaker, Eva Bonnel. Bonnel Photo Album. c. 1885 - 1960. Privately held by granddaughter of E. B. Whitaker, McCook, NE. 1994.


  1. I would say funeral as well. However, they are a pretty happy group on this day.

  2. They seem to be quite close emotionally, don't they? How lovely! I really enjoy these family photos, Susan. Particularly when put with the previous photo of the house and family.

  3. Really nice to have at least 7 of the siblings together for a photo. Wonder if the missing sister took the photo.


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