Monday, May 31, 2010

Amanuensis Monday: McAdams Family Record, page 1

Thanks to John at Transylvanian Dutch for providing a framework (and nudge) for transcribing family records, news clippings and other treasures.

This is the first page of the McAdams Family Record I scanned and posted separately.  It details the family of Thomas C. McAdams (1806-1881) of Washington County, Tennessee.  Better minds than mine can decide if it's an original (derivative), secondary or full of baloney source.  And before anyone asks, yes they really did have 11 children - all boys.


(Maternal)       (John Stephenson,     May 27, 1779
                     (Elizabeth Cloyd,      October 15, 1781

(Paternal)       (Hugh McAdams       August 22, 1772
                     (Isabella Bryson         September 14, 1776

(Parents)         (Thomas C. McAdams, Sr.     December 5, 1806
                     (Cynthia Stephenson,       April 30, 1817

                     Matthew J. McAdams,     August 15, 1835
                     John C. McAdams,      December 30, 1836
                     Hugh M. McAdams,     November, 30, 1838
                     David B. McAdams,     February 3, 1841
                     William P. McAdams,     March 14, 1843
                     Samuel B. McAdams, Jr.     February 3, 1845
                     R. N. McAdams,          December 3, 1847
                     Jas. H. McAdams,        February 14, 1850
                     Chalmers S. McAdams,     February 16, 1853
                     Thomas C. McAdams, Jr.     August 29, 1855
                     C. A. H. McAdams,     April 5, 1858


Hugh M. McAdams,              July 14, 1840
William P. McAdams,            April 11, 1844
Matthew J. McAdams,           June 19, 1863
David B. McAdams,              January 21, 1871
Chalmers S. McAdams,         December 14, 1873
Cynthia S. McAdams,            October 20, 1874
Thomas C. McAdams, Sr.      January 1, 1881
Ralph E. McAdams,               June 16, 1882
    "     "        "         born     Jan 15, 1882

(This information copied from family record by R. N. McAdams, July 21st, 1878).

It is clear the last three deaths listed were added after R.N. McAdams copied the record from his father's family record.

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