Monday, June 14, 2010

Amanuensis Monday: McAdams Family Record, page 3

Thanks to John at Transylvanian Dutch for providing a framework (and nudge) for transcribing family records, news clippings and other treasures.

This is the third page of the McAdams Family Record I scanned and posted separately.  It details the family of Thomas C. McAdams (1806-1881) of Washington County, Tennessee.


Hugh McAdams and Isabella Bryson,                             June 12, 1800
Matthew J. McAdams and Sarah E. Sevaney                   July 19, 1855
John C. McAdams and Sara J. Mahoney                         July 13, 1856
David B. McAdams and Margaret J. Gibson                     Aug 16, 1860
Samuel  B. McAdams and Rachael Mulkey                      May 9, 1866
Robert N. McAdams and Mary M. Good                          Nov 9, 1876
Charles A. H. McAdams and Alice V. Nave                      Jan 7, 1880
Alexander Moody and J. Eula McAdams                          May 10, 1905
J. D. Kilgore and Hester V. McAdams                            Sept 7, 1908


John Stephenson and Elizabeth Cloyd                            Sept 13, 1808
William B. Strain and Martha A. Stephenson                   Sept 5, 1832
Thomas C. McAdams and Cynthia Stephenson                 Sept 18, 1834
Samuel G. Wyly and Mary N. Stephenson                       Sept 28, 1841
Jonathan C. Mitchell and Emily H.  Stephenson                May 21, 1845
John Stephenson and Polly Nelson                                 Sept 9, 1802


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