Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What does Freedom Mean to Me?

I am late for the COAAG 4th Edition and nothing has made me remotely interested in Twitter or Tweets until FreedomTweet 2010.  Still not going there - why use a few words when so many wonderful ones are available?

But in honor of Juneteenth, and in support of what I hope will be thousands of FreedomTweets, let me share...

Freedom is a legacy from my grandparents who left Europe so their children and grandchildren might have better lives.  I owe it to them to work towards ensuring that others have the same opportunities to come to this country they had.

I rejoice that the descendants of those who did not come freely to this nation, who were enslaved by my ancestors and many others, are today free to join in building a more perfect union.  I celebrate their voices and contributions.

Freedom is choice.  I am free to worship as I wish; free to live where I choose; free to choose my friends and communities; free to speak my mind; free to help where I see a need.  I am free to do all or none of these things as long as I leave others the same freedom.

I rejoice in each step toward healing the bitter rifts from slavery, ethnic and religious prejudices.  I celebrate every hand that reaches out through fear and anger, and every hand that accepts it.


  1. Hello,

    You have stated so well that when freedom comes we can begin to heal.

    I appreciated reading your post.


  2. Thank you, Angela. We can't change what has past, but I do want the future to be better. Happy Juneteenth!

  3. I very much enjoyed reading your post. It's good Freedom Tweet inspired you to write it. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I'm a little late - wanted to say thanks for sharing. Glad your post made it. Looking forwarding to reading your other post.



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