Thursday, September 30, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday: Button, Button ...

I've got the button! And then some. One of my strongest memories as a girl was playing with my mother's button box. It contained hundreds of buttons - big and small, old and new. As a little girl I would sort, stack, string, - or just run my fingers through and rattle them. I loved the feel and sound of them. When I was home sick, and Mother wanted to distract me from whatever ailed me, she would bring out special buttons - a wool covered one from her first tailored blazer, rhinestone studded ones from prom dresses, buttons from her father's dress shirts - and tell me a story.

Over the years we raided the box for chips when playing cards, to replace lost board game pieces, to use as money for doll hospitals or frontier villages in the yard. The sparkly ones were dress up jewelry strung on pipe cleaners for rings or string for necklaces. Some appeared on Halloween costumes, both mine and my children's. A few even ended up on clothes.


  1. I loved playing with my grandmother's button box, and my mom had one, too. I started a button box when I was married, but somehow the buttons in my box seem boring compared to the fancy old fashioned ones in Nana's box. I never thought it was interesting until I saw my daughter had started one at her apartment! She said she always loved my button box, and found some at a yard sale to get started.

  2. I guess my mother was different, no, I know she was! Anyway, she majored in textiles at college and as a result, made all our clothes too. Like you, she had lots of buttons, but we weren't allowed to touch. To this day, I still cut buttons off of old shirts and blouses and save them, even though I don't sew anymore.

  3. I'm another one that collects buttons, even though I don't sew. I also bought a bag of buttons at Michael's for my daughters' craft box when they were little. And you also brought back the memories of all the other ways they can be used!

  4. It was always a button jar at our house, but I loved it as a child.

  5. Buttons remind me of my grandmother. She was a seamstress at one time and had a wonderful box of buttons. Last year I found a local crafter who buys vintage buttons on ebay and makes the most wonderful bracelets. I had to buy one. It has a rhinestone button shaped like a fly, and another button that looks like a button on one of my grandmother's dresses. It was so creative and brought back such happy memories.

    Thanks for the interesting post!


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