Friday, December 3, 2010

Advent Calendar - Ornaments

Our tree isn't up yet and I thought there would no point in writing about ornaments (about which I am almost as passionate as genealogy) without being able to take pictures. However, I had to bring a couple boxes up to put together a care package for our newly wed son and daughter and was able to snap a photograph of one of my favorite ornaments. Then Heather wrote about baseball (about which I am more passionate than genealogy), and I was off and running.

Isn't it beautiful?  It is not the only cardinal or Cardinals ornament we have. There's the obligatory 2006 World Series ball which I'm not so fond of because it was an enormously frustrating season capped off by a bizarre post-season. I suppose we earned that post-season because in 2004, when the Cardinals played the most beautiful baseball I have ever seen (and I've seen lots), they inexplicably vanished for four games. Boston fans may remember them.

This bell is from 2004. It was a tough year for my family. Following the Cards, watching Edmonds, Rolen and Pujols (our MV3s) play superlative baseball night after night helped bring us through. There was heartbreak in the end, but I will never forget all those glorious games before. It was my favorite baseball season ever.

There is a family history link to baseball. My grandfather and great-uncle  played minor league ball and instilled a deep love of the game in my mother which she passed on to us.

There are lots (LOTS) of other ornaments yet to come up - ones from grandmothers' trees, dixie cup angels, lighthouses we've loved, straw ornaments from Slovakia, and more. But this is as special as any of them. Can't wait to get it up on the tree!


  1. Thanks for the link to my blog! And I do remember that 2004 World Series. All of New England celebrated that win, and I wish my Dad had lived to see the Sox finally win the Series. Sorry, Cardinals fans!

  2. You're so funny! I'm kind of the same way about football, except NOT more passionate than genealogy. I do loves me some Chargers football! I'll have to dig out my Chargers ornament and post it... when I find it. My husband is an Eagles fan, but I haven't "allowed" him to put up an Eagles ornament yet. Maybe this year. ;-)

  3. Hey there - I didn't know you were a Cardinals fan!! But of course any right-thinking person would be! (Looking up at Heather and frowning)

    Great ornament - I always thought I was pretty passionate about baseball, but I have to admit that it didn't extend to my Christmas tree. I guess I'd better get on that this year.

  4. Susan, I enjoyed your post, and was surprised to read you are more passionate about baseball than genealogy, but then genealogy is a 24/7 hobby and baseball isn't. (I'm not into sports, but don't tell any of the others.) BTW, I love your top/header photo, is there a story behind that? Taken in Virginia? your backyard?

  5. Not a real baseball or sports fan, but, agree with Barbara, that is one great poster at the top of your blog right now! GORGEOUS!!

  6. I'm not a sports fan either but what surprises me is that you have a married son. I always think of you as being not quite as young as your profile picture, but pretty close.

  7. Thanks for the kind words.
    Diana - Get on it, lady! Somethings are too important to let slide. I expect at least one redbird on your tree this year. Logo not needed.
    Barbara & Carol - The photo is not mine, but pulled off Wikimedia when I was looking for something seasonal. Glad you like it. I thought I had the copyright info up, but I'd forgotten so thanks for reminding me!
    And Kristin - aren't you sweet. But I'm creeping up in years along with the rest of the world. No Dorian Gray here.

  8. Ah, 2004 - gotta admit that we're a Red Sox family here, even though my husband is from Brooklyn ("the only team worthy to succeed the Dodgers" - for him, 2004 was "1918 plus 86 years") and I'm not from Boston (long story behind my fandom). Can't wait to see more of your ornaments, especially the dixiecup angels and Slovak ornaments.

  9. Wow, we have a lot in common, Susan! I too am passionate about ornaments. One year I featured a different one from my collection with every blog post for the month of December (back when I was posting daily). I'm not much of a baseball fan except when the Tigers have a winning season but I'm a huge college football fan. And I'd say I'm more passionate about Michigan (U of M) football than genealogy too!

  10. I've looked your blog over, and didn't see where it had been Ancestor Approved yet.

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