Thursday, December 30, 2010

Genea-Resolutions for 2011

Jasia put the topic for January's 101st edition of the Carnival of Genealogy up for a vote and planning won. I am the world's worst at keeping New Year's resolutions, but I am highly motivated to continue the projects begun in 2010.

Postcard from 1908, via Wikimedia Commons

2010 was my year to begin organizing and sharing my genealogical research. I made some progress - this blog, a good start on a family history web site which WILL be online in 2011, and another failed attempt to organize the generations of papers I've inherited. Those papers are threatening to take over the entire house so tackling them is top of the list for my 2011 genea-resolutions.

Organizing Research goals -

  • Design archives storage/filing system and IMPLEMENT! The first step must be to corral all the papers into one room. 
  • Process at least one box per month of family papers. Remember, not everything must be kept. This will become my mantra. 
  • Finish designing and publish the genealogy website (R O O T S T O C K). 
  • Continue to update pedigree database with biographical sketches and blog post information. Review and standardize source listings. Do NOT attach any multimedia files.

    Blog goals -
    • One biographical sketch a month - starting with the grandparents.
    • One brickwall post a month outlining the issue or research status, beginning with the Hamptons.
    • Continue posting photographs and document transcriptions from the family "archives" (aka the boxes that ate my house).
    • Blog reading and commenting - limit to 30 minutes each morning.  You may finish in the evening. No peeking in between! Much as I love reading what everyone else is writing it has eaten into my day. 

    Research goals -
    • Just say no! No more research until the website is up and running, until the streamlined pedigree database is complete, until the "archives" are organized. 
    • Except... there are the road trips! Do organize research plans for the Family History Expo in July (Kansas City), the FGS conference in September (Springfield, IL), the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International conference in October (St. Louis, MO - not really a road trip) and ...
    • The spring tour of Maryland, Virginia and D. C.  Plan research days at the Library of Virginia, The Mary Ball Washington Historical Society, the Maryland Historical Society and the National Archives. Research Catholic archives, especially in Baltimore, to see which might have additional records for Merediths, Palmers and Yerbys. 
    • Examine and digitize the Maria Palmer Smith papers. Develop storage plan for papers. 

    Whew! It's a lot to do, but there are some carrots in with the sticks - not the least of which is reclaiming our home.

    Happy 2011 to Geneabloggers near and far!

    Submitted to the 101st edition of the Carnival of Genealogy.


    1. Reclaiming - - a great goal. Send help my way! LOL

      Good luck, great post.

    2. I cannot wait to see your website. Once it's up, I may be pestering you with questions. Also, when you do your trip - we should meet up - maybe in DC for lunch? Something that you would have to stop and do anyway so that I don't really interrupt your research. This is also going to be a "catch up and consolidate before you do further research" year for me, too. That is, of course, except for any road trips I may be able to take.

    3. I'm not even listing straightening up my mess that has an office hidden under it in my goals. I've given up on ever taming that monster.

    4. I forgot to add - I'm also hoping to make it to FGS in Springfield!

    5. Sounds like a HUGE celebration will be in order at the end of the year! I hope you'll include some small rewards for yourself along the way too. Perhaps we'll meet in Springfield and compare progress reports. :o)

    6. Best wishes on attaining your goaals.

    7. I'm so excited to meet you in Kansas City! And thrilled that we are listed as one of your road trips! I love meeting bloggers at our Expos. In 2011 our resolution at Family History Expos is to be the place "Where Ol' Dogs Learn New Tricks!" and young puppies learn old ones. We have an area for all bloggers to gather in the exhibit hall (The Blog House). I'll look for you there. Keep up the great posts, Happy New Year, and I'll see YOU in "The Blog House!"

    8. Great list!

      All of you who are doing these lists are inspiring me...if I can dig my "to-do" list out, I'll definitely prioritize it.

      And maybe it will make its way into print...

    9. Great list and plan. Will watch for the website.

    10. Boy can I relate to the taking back the house goal! In my case it's taking back my bedroom. I tend to research from my laptop in bed at night and the files end up right next to it. It's a safety hazard at this point! LOL! I'm intrigued by your website and can't wait to see it. I'm also interested in your trip to the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International conference in October. My husband's grandmother was from Czechoslovakia and I haven't even begun that research. Happy 2011!

    11. Great list, Susan! I can't wait to see the website.

      Just curious, why aren't you adding multi-media files to your pedigree database?

      Also, I don't think I've mentioned this, but I absolutely love your background image.

      Good luck in 2011!

    12. You have lofty goals, but it seems like you know your limitations too! Looking forward to reading future posts.

      J at CH

    13. I'm full of energy (of course it's still January) and really looking forward to this year.

      Tonia - I'm not attaching/linking files to my database because I have a love/hate relationship with it. I've changed programs 3 times over the last decade and each time have spent at least a month cleaning up the citations, photos, notes that didn't transfer properly. I'm following the Better GedCom discussions with interest. Meanwhile, I'm focusing on a smaller database and the website - where I will have digital files and images.


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