Monday, January 31, 2011

Conway Sawyer Campaign Ad - Amanuensis Monday

Thanks to John at Transylvanian Dutch for providing a framework (and nudge) for transcribing family records, news clippings and other treasures.

To The People of Morristown and Hamblen County

This is to remind everyone that I am running for the office of 


for Hamblen County

     I have already contacted many of you personally and hope to see many more in the coming weeks. However if I have not yet seen you, I take this means of telling you something about myself and asking for your support
     I have lived in Morristown for the past eighteen years and enjoyed it because here I have met some of the friendliest and best people it has ever been my privilege to know. I am married to the former Flavia Tweed of Greeneville. Our home is at 210 East Main Street. We belong to the First Presbyterian Church.
     For many years I operated a small grocery store on the corner of Daisy and 2nd South. Many of you young people will recall eating hot dogs at my place during your junior high and high school days, and I am taking this means of asking all of you young voters to remember your old "Soggy Dog" friend by registering and voting for me in the coming election. (Don't forget that July 3 is the deadline for registering).
     About twenty-seven years ago I developed arthritis, but my case has been arrested many years and would not handicap me in any way in filling the duties of the office I seek.
     I earnestly solicit your vote and influence in the August election and promise if elected to fulfill the duties of the office honestly and faithfully.


Conway Sawyer
Paid Pol. Adv.


Conway Sawyer was my great-uncle. He was the 4th son and 8th child of Jehu Stokely (Gee) and Catherine Conway Sawyer. He was born 11 Jan. 1904 at home in Warrensburg (Greene), TN and died 19 Oct. 1989 in Morristown (Hamblen), TN. He was survived by his wife Flavia. They had no children. 

The clipping was found in an address book belonging to his younger sister Kathryn Sawyer McKenzie. I don't know when Conway was first elected but my earliest memories of him are in the mid-1960s when he was serving as the County Registrar. 


  1. I admit that having read most of Mr. Sawyer's published letter, and finding it the typical, bland bio often given by political candidates, I was surprised at the end to see him volunteer the fact that he had developed arthritis 27 years earlier, and that it was in remission, so it would not affect his ability to carry out his duties if elected. Was this admission because his medical condition was well known in Morristown, or because he was a particularly forthright and honorable man?

  2. Well, I was pretty fond of him and far from impartial but I'd say all of the above. He was quite crippled and it was clearly obvious to anyone who saw him. He probably felt it best to simply volunteer the information rather than have stories circulate that he would be incapacitated.


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