Monday, January 10, 2011

Portland, Oregon Marriage Licenses - Amanuensis Monday

Thanks to John at Transylvanian Dutch for providing a framework (and nudge) for transcribing family records, news clippings and other treasures.

This news clipping was in an album assembled for the 50th wedding anniversary of Bob and Iva Sawyer. It is undated, but must have appeared in a Portland, Oregon newspaper after September 10, 1925 and before their wedding there on October 1, 1925. 


Paul T. Stout, 21, 1329 E. 22d street, and Thelma Dellinger, 18, Kent, Or.
Normal Strite, 36 Milwaukie, Or., and Inez Tupper, 29, 215 N. 23rd street.
Donald Hargrove, 45, Seattle, Wash., and Cora V. Shannon, 36, Seattle, Wash.
Paul Devouno, 36, 206 Meade street, and Rosie Vigna, 28, 1258 E. Yamhill street.
WEBSTER -- To Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Webster, No. 635 Everett st., September 10, a son.
MAGGETTI -- To Mr. and Mrs. L. Maggetti, No. 72 West Alberta st. September 10, ___ daughter.
Homer Green, 23, Nehelem Or., and Cecelie M. David, 20, Nehelem, Or.
Robert C. Davis, 27, Shedd, Or., and Evalina Calvert, 29, 274 N. 21st.
Verner Bylander, 23, Warren, Or., and Marie Hedwall, 19, Warren, Or.
Henry Livingston, legal, 275 E. 75th street and Eunice O. Smith, legal, 294 E. 76th ___
Charles B. Watson, 30, Cazadero, Or., and Annette McBain, 17, Cazadero, Or.
Robert P. Sawyer, 27, West Cat Court, and Iva B. Williams, 24, Johnson City, Tenn.
Joseph Battaglia, 23, 730 E. Oak st., and Olive Longenecker, 32, 5905 41st st.
Harry O. Bennett, 24, 609 Umatilla ave., and Loretta Schmitz, 27l, 2693 E. 17th st.
Leonard Johnson, 44, Astoria, Or., and Randi Gagnil, 36, Astoria, Or.

Notes: Bob's address of West Cat Court does not appear on Google Maps today. 


  1. Great to have this info and be transcribing it. Seems that transcribing (deciphering & translating first) letters is half my life. Thanks for your comment on my Mystery Writing and your interest in the little ABC book. It's fascinating to look at, but believe me, even with this guide, I could never decipher that old handwriting. Thank goodness for my 90 year old German friend. And sounds like you have quite the treasure trove of documents yourself! I also enjoyed seeing your mom below with the new microfiche machine -- and cool that a baseball player is in your lineage. Let's see how we do with all our "primary documents" over the years. Good luck!

  2. You do that, too? Check Google maps for addresses...

    I only find an actual structure every once in a while, and only a couple of times have I found one that the Google view seemed to show MIGHT be a building original to the era I'm searching.


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