Friday, April 15, 2011

Great Reads - Follow Friday

Some blog posts are worth reading. Not scanning for surnames or hints. Not looking at the pictures (though I adore the pictures). Reading. For comprehension. Absorbing. 

As the multitude of geneabloggers grows (the miracle of the loaves and fishes comes to mind for some reason) I've had trouble keeping up. I am now following 259 blogs and adding a couple more every week. So yes, I scan and when I see something long with polysyllabic words I pause. My strategy has been to "star" it to read later - in the evening when the Cardinal's are letting balls slip out of gloves or hitting into double plays. I've had LOTS of reading opportunities so far this season. 

Sometimes, one of the posts is so good that I keep it starred. I read it again the next night. I think about it during the day. I share a morsel with my husband or daughter. It's a really good read.

I've come to rely on those bloggers who share their favorite posts of the week. HUGE fan of their efforts. I'm not going there. But I do want to highlight the posts that stick with me - that nourish my mind and often my spirit. So here's the plan. When I find something I keep going back to I will share it through Google Reader. There's a widget this blog's sidebar now titled "Great Reads" that will highlight my shared posts. They won't be the helpful tips or humorous posts that have us howling. Others are highlighting those brilliantly. They will be longer, thoughtful and thought provoking pieces that illuminate a moment or an idea. So when you have a moment, check them out. They are truly worth the time. 

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