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Meredith Passport Application - Amanuensis Monday

Thanks to John at Transylvanian Dutch who originated the Amanuensis Monday meme, providing a framework (and nudge) for transcribing family records, news clippings and other treasures.

A passport was issued at St. Louis, Missouri to William V Meredith on 1 March 1880.


[Form for Native Citizen.]

No. 15548                                                               Issued March 1, 1880


State of Missouri }
City ss.
County of St. Louis }

          I,  W. M. V. Meredith                         , do swear that I was born in the State of Virginia , on or about the 25 th day of Jan'y 1832 ; that I am a Native and Loyal Citizen of the United States, and about to travel abroad                                                                                           
         Sworn to before me this 28th day
         of Feb'y , 1880                                                   Wm V. Meredith     
         Louis D. Picot     
                              Notary Public
                               St. Louis Co Mo.

I, Joseph P. Whyte , do swear that I am acquainted with the above-named WMV Meredith , and with the facts stated by him , and that the same are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

         Sworn to before me this 28th day
         of Feb'y , 1880                                                          Jos P. Whyte

          Louis D. Picot
                              Notary Public
                              St. Louis Co Mo.

Description of William M. V. Meredith

Age, 348 years                                                     Mouth, medium
Stature, 5 feet 7 1/2 , inches, Eng.                       Chin, round
Forehead, high                                                    Hair, grey & black
Eyes, grey                                                           Complexion, fair
Nose, full                                                            Face, full

          I,  W. M V. Meredith , do solemnly swear that I will support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, whether domestic or foreign; and that I will bear true faith, allegiance, and loyalty to the same, any ordinance, resolution, of any State, Convention, or Legislature to the contrary notwithstanding; and further, that I do this with a full determination, pledge, and purpose, without any mental reservation or evasion whatsoever; and further, that I will well and faithfully perform all the duties which may be required of me by law: So help me God.

                                           Wm V Meredith
Sworn to before me this 28th day of Feb'y , 1880.

Louis D. Picot
Notary Public Qualified June 17, 1876 for a
term expiring April 19. 1882
     The above affadavits and oath of allegiance must be attested by a Notary Public or other officer authorized to administer oaths, whose signature must ALWAYS be accompanied by his OFFICIAL SEAL or the CERTIFICATE OF THE COURT as to his official capacity.
     When husband, wife, minor children, and servants are expected to travel together, a single passport for the whole will suffice.
     For any other person in the party a separate passport will be required.


NOTES:  Father Meredith was my husband's great-great-great uncle. The application gives his birth date and a physical description. There is a handwritten notation on the application reading "1/2 of check No. 39673" suggesting that two applications were filed and paid for at the same time. Presumably the other application was for one of the other Redemptorist priests or brothers living and working with Father Meredith. Thirteen were living at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church with Father Meredith on 11 Nov 1880 when the 1880 census was taken.

I wonder what Meredith, from a staunchly Confederate family and himself a Confederate supporter, thought of the oath of allegiance.

Source: "Passport Applications, 1795-1905," database and images, ( : accessed 15 Jul 2010); Wm V Meredith application; citing NARA publication M1372, Record group 59, Vol. 516 (1880).

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  1. I see we share another surname in common, although I haven't seen any of my Meredith ancestors among yours! Oh, well - this post has inspired me to transcribe some of my own material for the next Monday challenge!


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