Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mulkey Siblings - Almost Wordless Wednesday

James Duncan Mulkey, 1836-1909

I recently received this image from a newly connected Mulkey cousin. It is an image of an image - and perhaps again of an image - showing my great-great grandmother Rachel Mulkey McAdams' older brother James in his Civil War uniform. It's difficult to compare the images I have of Rachel and her two brothers taken at different ages and in different condition, but I see a resemblance to James across her mouth and nose. Isaac, with his full beard, is even more difficult, but he and Rachel seem to have the same coloring (beyond the faded sepia), hairline and shaped head.  

Rachel Mulkey McAdams, 1839-1906
Isaac M. Mulkey, 1834-1885


  1. How excited you must have been to have received this civil war image. I know I would have been!

  2. I see you've been spending time comparing photos from cousins the same way I have. If only they could speak!!

  3. I love looking for family resemblance, but rarely see it. My husband looked at a picture of my grandfather that I posted on my blog this week and immediately said, "Wow, I thought it was your father. They look so much alike." It irks me that I can hardly see it.


  4. OOO, photos! Civil War era too! I would have been over the top excited too!

  5. I always look for family resemblence, too. With the Burrises, I almost always find it.

    Glad you have another sibling image to add to the collection.


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