Friday, May 6, 2011

Completing the Picture

One of the great joys in my genealogical life is that my husband's family is so very different from my own. Between us we've got a great chunk of the American story covered. He brings Pilgrims, a hint of Salem witchcraft, Palatine Germans, Calverts, Cavaliers, Cowboys and Conestoga Wagons. I bring the Scots-Irish, a hint of the Alamo, a couple more Palatine Germans, less august Tidewater settlers, some Quakers, Baptists and the whole Ellis Island thing. We each can claim contorted connections to Lincoln and Washington. We even have a few moments where our relatives are neighbors - literally - in Virginia. We don't make it all the way to the west coast (at least not until recently), but plenty of cousins did. It's fun stuff for me to play with how we fit into the big picture.  It'd be a pretty bare picture without him.

Why do I mention all of this today? Let me count the reasons...

By jessica.diamond


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband. And, Mother's Day for you.

  2. What an interesting coincidence (our husband's birthdays). Didn't you just have one, too! Wishing you both a happy birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday to him,

    it's wonderful to have a good man in your life.


  4. Happy birthday to your husband. I feel the same way about researching my husband's family. I have the southern Scots Irish/English/Welsh thing plus a bit of Palatine, he's got the German/Italian/Romanian Jewish immigrant thing. Quite a variety! (Plus it gains me brownie points with the in-laws...)

  5. Happy Birthday! My husband and I share the same type of family differences. I bring the "been in America forever" and he brings the recent immigrants. It gives me the full circle of genealogy research!


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