Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pretty Babies - Sentimental Sunday

Somehow I have managed to wait more than two months before trying out the stitching software for my not-so-new FlipPal scanner. I pulled out a large hand tinted portrait of my grandmother, the oft photographed Iva Williams, which is too large to fit on my scanner. I am so impressed with the results! 

Now if I could only figure out how to crop to an oval image on my laptop. I'd wish it was a Mac save for the agonies my iMac desktop is going through as it moves into old age...


Kristin Williams very kindly sent me a beautifully cropped version of Grandmother as a baby. 
Thanks SO much, Kristin. As much as we adore the technology that allows us to accomplish more than Grandmother could have ever imagined, it is a major frustration when it zigs instead of zags. Kristin saved the evening for me! 


  1. Susan, I can't offer suggestions on how to crop, but I have to say your grandmother was a doll-baby!

  2. Nice job Kristin. Sweet thing to do too. Fabulous!!

  3. Remind me when we're home -- I'll show you how in photoshop. This is a necessary skill.

  4. You're welcome Susan! I did it in photoshop with the magic wand tool. I love "fixing" photos.


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