Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sarah Killion Sawyer - Tombstone Tuesday

Last month I wrote about my great-grandparents Archie Sawyer and Sally Killion. I mentioned that I had seen her tombstone more than 20 years ago, but had not taken a camera to the cemetery. Revisiting the cemetery was high on my to do list for this summer. Well scratch that one off the list. I may get up to Joseph's Chapel Cemetery, but it's no longer a must do. I did have a camera!

wife of 
Sept. 2?, 1812
January 2, 1881

I found this picture while digging through my basement for a cooler for the upcoming research trip. Obviously my basement, like the rest of my life, is exceedingly well organized. I'm not going to speculate on what powers are rewarding me for days of planning and techie traumas, but I thank them, my lucky stars and anyone else who wants to take credit.

Grass may well have grown over the marker by now so finding it could have been quite a chore. My notes say her birthday was September 23rd, but the marker doesn't look like that from this picture. Regardless, I'm thrilled to have found this and so pleased I wasn't quite the ditz I thought I was. Well, still a ditz, having misplaced the photo in the basement near the cooler, but not such a ditz as to have forgotten to take the picture!


  1. Amazing where things get themselves found.

  2. Good instincts are essential to be a family historian. Organizational skills on the other hand are hit or miss. I know I always intend to be organized - later.

  3. Hooray! A find is a find no matter where you find it! Personally, I know where everything is. Just not right now...

  4. I'm so glad you were able to find this picture. Susan, I've been having a lot of trouble posting comments lately -- most don't post at all or post under anonymous. Here's hoping this posts.
    Kahty Reed


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