Tuesday, July 26, 2011

At the end of the road - Tombstone Tuesday

When I arrived in Washington County, Tennessee after following the same path south as my Scots-Irish Presbyterian ancestors (though far more comfortably and rapidly), I went first to the cemeteries dotting the countryside around the Big Limestone Creek where they settled. 

At Salem Cemetery, located on the grounds of Washington College, I found the fading markers for my 4th great-grandparents John and Elizabeth Cloyd Stephenson and for John's mother, Alice Houston Stephenson. I am a novice gravestone photographer and these are almost impossible to read without ones fingers tracing the letters. I've transcribed the engraving as best I can. Selecting individual photographs will allow you to make out some of the lettering.

              memory of
Elizabeth Stephenson
Born October 15th 17  
Died March 30th 18  
aged 61 years &         

             memory of
John Stephenson
Born May 2 th 1779
Died March 24th 1842
aged _ 2 & 10 months

            memory of

Alice Stephenson
Born August 1_th 1749
Died February 27th 1832
aged 82 years & 6 months


  1. Susan, I went to FindAGrave, and saw entries, no photos though. Somebody put in the dates for Elizabeth, so there must be some record. Maybe with the dates, it will be clearer. Glad you found the cemetery and was able to take photos, pretty exciting.

  2. Tracing the path of ancestors adds another level of enjoyment to a trip. What a nice find at the end of the road.


  3. Thanks, Barb. I'm such a Findagrave novice that I didn't think of checking there. There is a family record, and I do have the dates, actually. I should probably add those as well. So much to do out there in the connected world...

  4. And I thought you said you didn't have much luck in cemeteries . . .


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