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Slave Division of Thad. Pullen's Estate - A Friend of Friend Friday

This is the part of a series of transcriptions and abstracts of records involving slaves that I copied at the Library of Virginia during my summer research marathon. Eleven slaves were named in the Division of Slaves for the estate of Thaddeus Pullen, who died about 1809 in Lancaster County, Virginia. I abstracted the slave and heir information from the microfilm copy.

From Lancaster County Estate Book 27, p. 339 (LVA Reel #47)
Slave Division of Thadeus Pullen's Estate. 17 February 1817.

To Frances George, late widow of Thad. Pullen
     Bob $400
     Alice $330
     Jerry $130
     Molly $80
             $ 940
To Westley Kirk, by right of his wife who was Elizabeth Pullen, Lot 4
     John at $400
To Enoch George, guardian of Jonathan Pullen, Lot 2
     Charles $230
     Tom $230
To William George, guardian of William Pullen, Lot 3
     Hannah $330
To William George, guardian of Catherine Pullen, Lot 5
     Sarah $330
To William George, guardian of Addaline Pullen, Lot 1
     Jesse $280
To William George, guardian of Nancy B. Pullen, Lot 6
     Ann $330

Submitted by Sp. George, Wm T. Yerby, Danl P Mitchell and recorded at Lancaster Court 19 Jan 1818.

Pullen's widow, Frances George, was the sister of my husband's 3rd great-grandfather, John Meredith. At this time I know very little about the Pullen heirs and where they remained. Addaline did die shortly after this settlement. Jesse likely ended up belonging to another of the heirs. William Pullen remained in Lancaster County until the Civil War. I have not researched him further than that. 

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