Friday, July 22, 2011

Slaves of William Meredith - A Friend of Friends Friday

This is the part of a series of transcriptions and abstracts of records involving slaves that I copied at the Library of Virginia during my summer research marathon. Ten slaves were named in the inventory and appraisal of my husband's 4th great-grandfather, William Meredith, who died in 1808 in Lancaster County, Virginia. I abstracted the slave information but did not copy the list of household goods.

From Lancaster County Estate Book 27, p. 32 (LVA Reel #47)

Appraisal for estate of William Meredith, deceased. 8 July 1808.

     1 negro man Daniel                              £ 100.00
     1     "       "   Solomon                               90.00
     1     "       "   Saunders                             100.00
     1     "       "   George                                  75.00
     1     "     boy Stephen                                15.00 
     1     "    woman Nell                                  21.00
     1     "         "      Nanny                              75.00
     1     "         "      Minny                               75.00
     1     "         "      Patty                                60.00
     1     "     girl Martha (see below)                 30.00

     Submitted to Lancaster Court by William Gibson, Samuel M. Shearman, Geo. W. Yerby, Rich. Berryman and recorded 18 July 1808.
The name of the girl Martha was difficult to read and may be incorrect. 

The slaves total value was £631.00 making them the majority of the estate which had a total value of £813.20. The appraisal did not include Meredith's land or three more slaves who were named as individual bequests in his will (Lancaster Will Book 28, p. 106). There he named Battron, Harry and Willis. Solomon was also an individual bequest to a son Robert but was named in this inventory. For further information on Solomon and other enslaved people see my WeRelate page recording slave information found during family research. 


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