Saturday, July 16, 2011

SNGF - Slices of Heritage Pie

I needed something quick and fun this evening and Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun was just the thing. His challenge was to list all 16 great-great grandparents, their dates and places of birth, death and marriage and to then make a pie chart of the birthplaces.

Now I'm scant on dates when it comes to my European great great grandparents. I consider myself blessed to know all their names! As for the places they were born, lived and died, well, borders and states have changed dramatically since they lived. Technically all eight were born in the Hungarian Empire. Some may have been ethnic Hungarians, but today the villages where they lived are in Slovakia and the Ukraine and no one there considers themselves Hungarian. So that's what I'm going with for the chart, no matter what my list says.

The Great Greats

16. Stefan Papp was born before 1826 in Drahovo, Maramoros, Hungary and died in Drahovo, Maramoros, Hungary.
Stefan married Anna Stajko in Berezovo, Maramoros, Hungary.
17. Anna Stajko was born in Drahovo, Maramoros, Hungary and died in Drahovo, Maramoros, Hungary.

18. Ivan Tegza Balabancuk was born before 1837 in Maramoros, Hungary. 
Ivan married Anna Perehanic Rabunesic in Berezovo, Maramoros, Hungary.
19. Anna Perehanic Rabunesic was born before 1840 and died after 1892 in Berezovo, Maramoros, Hungary.

20. Ivan (Janos) Pereksta was born in 1826 in Kis-Pereszlo, Zemplén, Hungary and died in 1857 in Kis-Pereszlo, Zemplén, Hungary.
He married Maria Bundzha on 24 Feb 1848 in Kis-Pereszlo, Zemplén, Hungary.
21. Maria Bundzha was born in 1829 in Kis-Pereszlo, Zemplén, Hungary.

22. Ivan (Janos) Szidor was born in 1818 in Sztarina, Zemplén, Hungary.
He married Maria Komiszar on 3 Feb 1848 in Sztarina, Zemplén, Hungary.
23. Maria Komiszar was born in 1825 in Sztarina, Zemplén, Hungary.

24. Archibald Sawyer(s) was born in 1795 in South Carolina and died before 1880 in Cocke, TN.
Archibald married Sarah Killian about 1836.
25. Sarah Killian, daughter of David Killian and Barbary Fulbright, was born on 23 Sep 1812 in NC, and died on 2 Jan 1881 in Cocke County, TN.

26. Charles Turner Porter Conway, son of James Christopher Turner Conway and Sarah Elizabeth Holloway, was born in 1828 in Cocke Co, TN and died in 1886.
Charles married Ella Holt on 17 Dec 1851.
27. Ella Holt, daughter of Zebidee Holt and Eleanor Allen, was born in 1827 in Tennessee and died in 1895 in Cocke Co, TN.

28. Granville H. Williams, son of Levi Williams and Susannah Pugh, was born on 22 Feb 1820 in VA and died on 23 Jul 1888 in Grayson, VA.
Granville married Sally James on 30 Jan 1841 in Smyth, VA.
29. Sally James, daughter of John James and Nancy Smith, was born on 21 Mar 1821 in , Wythe, VA and died on 18 Aug 1864 in Grayson, VA.

30. Samuel Bryson McAdams, son of Thomas Cunningham McAdams Sr. and Cynthia S. Stephenson, was born on 3 Feb 1845 in Washington, TN, died on 13 May 1900 in Johnson City, Washington, TN.
Samuel married Rachel Mulkey on 9 May 1866 in Washington, TN.
31. Rachel Mulkey, daughter of Philip Mulkey and Ann Duncan, was born on 15 Sep 1839 in Washington, TN, died in 1906 in Johnson City, Washington, TN. 

As for the Pie, any way you slice it it's fun to work with!

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  1. I took part in this challenge, too. I grouped my born in America ancestors together into one section. I like how you did yours. Part of the problem is that I'm not absolutely certain of a couple of states of birth.

  2. I enjoyed this challenge and I'm enjoying reading other people's charts.

  3. Love the pie! I have to get this recipe :) On to the Saturday night challenge.....


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