Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Results Are In

Last Saturday, after seeing multiple posts of the same information on my blog reader, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, I asked readers to vote on how they preferred to access blog posts.

The results clearly show that my readers (at least those who voted) are not relying on Twitter or Facebook to follow my posts. Most prefer the RSS feed to read the blogs they follow. None voted for Twitter and only 2.5% voted for Facebook.

Poll results from
The newest entry in the platform wars fared well. Twenty percent of readers would like to see Nolichucky Roots posts shared on Google+. Almost as many (17.5%) expressed no preference.

As a result of this information I will begin to share more posts on Google+ and move away from Networked Blogs (just as soon as I figure out how to extricate myself from the service). I may share some posts on Facebook, but they will no longer be automated.  Since it appears neither I, nor my readers, are heavy Twitter users who would be frustrated by repetitive posts I may continue announcing posts there. I have had personal requests from two readers I treasure to use Twitter to share posts. Frankly, if some of you wanted the posts delivered by paper airplane or carrier pigeon, I'd try to oblige.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and preferences. I've no desire to make it more difficult for anyone to find material they want to read, but nor do I see the benefit of broadcasting every post via every platform. I would surely feel differently were I marketing my services, using these platforms for professional networking or had monetized this blog. But since none of those situations apply, I need please only myself - and you.

Photograph by Gianluca [Miche].


  1. I came to this one through twitter but I click on you wherever I first come across a new post! I share your feelings on overkill too.

  2. I came to this post through Google+ and think your survey was a great idea with telling results. It bears repeating in another month or so?? [All I can think of is *twits* regarding twitter, sorry.] Even as a known techno-dumbass in the genealogy world, I plan to master Google+.

  3. Wonderful idea! I would love to have thought of this one myself. I didn't vote because I didn't see the poll online in time, but I would have voted for a reader. The results are very similar to what I would expect my results to be if I were to do a poll like this. Great idea!

  4. Thanks for doing this survey, Susan! Very helpful to know. I still haven't joined the Google+ bandwagon, but this gives me another push in that direction.

    By the way, I also loved your post "For one to be named later..." Such creative namers in your husband's family!

  5. Thank you for sharing the results of your survey. It's very enlightening.

  6. Very good to know. I've been debating on whether to join networked blogs -- but I think the RSS is easiest as well!

  7. I missed the original poll, but I wanted to share a few of my thoughts.

    1) I subscribe to your blog via RSS, as I do many blogs that I want to ensure I don't miss.

    2) I'm an avid twitter user, but because tweets have such a short shelf like, I don't rely on them to keep up with blogs. With that said, I continue to tweet my own posts, because you never know who will click.

    3) I use Networked Blogs to share my own posts on Facebook, but I do this for family members who may not be as technologically savvy as my geneablogger friends. It's also an easier way for to share those posts than if I were to manually post then to Facebook.

    4) I haven't started sharing posts on Google+ yet, because, frankly, I'm not into the whole Google+ thing yet.


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