Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Sawyer Homeplace

This painting of my great-grandfather Gee Sawyer's home was painted by a friend of the family, Wanda Samples, probably about 1970. It hung in the house until Gee's last child, Mary Kathryn McKenzie, died in 1996. I was recently able to give it to the current owners of the home.

Samples, Wanda. Painting of Sawyer Homeplace. c. 1970. Digital image. Privately held by homeowner, [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] Warrensburg, TN. 2011.


  1. Susan, I did the same thing. My grandfather, built and painted his home. I had the oil for years, then 11 yrs. ago, drove to CT and gave it to the current owners stating I hoped it would always remain with the house.
    At least you took a photo, I didn't. Your family home looks pretty old. Did you ever get inside?

  2. Love this, the idea, the painting, the kindness.

  3. Thankfully you did take a photo, I know I would at least want that myself. I am sure the people who own the home are happy to have the painting, very nice!

  4. What a wonderful kind gesture!


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