Wednesday, September 14, 2011

'Tis the season - Wordless Wednesday

My great-uncle Phil Sawyer played football
at Milligan College near Johnson City, TN, c. 1919.


  1. LOVE THIS!! Great Photo! Are you READY for some FOOOOOOTBALL???

  2. Like the picture, but not the sport. What a handsome guy.

  3. Great picture!

    You gave me the idea to post a picture I had of my grandfather in a football pose from 1913. I linked to your blog from mine.

  4. My uncle, Thomas Bond, married Phil Sawyer's widow, Clara, several years after his tragic death. Tom's first wife, Violet Dearing died of kidney disease the year before Phil died. The four of them were friends and classmates at Milligan College.
    Tom and Clara, both educators, had a long and happy marriage and maintained their relationships with the Sawyer and Dearing families through visits and correspondence all through their lifetimes. They considered them family.
    I find your blog very interesting!
    Bonnie Bryant, Chattanooga, TN

    1. Thank you so much for commenting, Bonnie. Aunt Clara was indeed a constant presence in the Sawyer family for generations. I don't remember your uncle well, but Clara never missed a birthday, reunion or any excuse for a party well into the 1990s. She was a complete love. I didn't realize she went to Milligan, too. Wonderful to know! We're blessed with our relative, aren't we?

    2. Thanks for your reply, Susan. I'm glad you remember Aunt Clara, too! Yes, she was always interested in people and very supportive of me as I was growing up. And she was a fantastic teacher!
      The Milligan College yearbooks (the "Buffalo") are online and there are pictures of her and of Phil -- also Tom and Violet.
      Their tale would make a great little book!


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