Saturday, February 25, 2012

Begging co-operation

This 1892 invitation, addressed to my husband's great-grandparents and great-great aunts, was found in the papers of Maria Lee Palmer Smith, his great-grandmother. Their home on East Second Street had belonged to their elder brother, Dr. Charles Smith. Following Charles' death in 1888, Francis, Maria Lee lived there with his sisters Kate and Mary. Sometime after the last Smith sibling died in 1908, Maria Lee sold the house.

I found the wording quaint and unusual - "begs your co-operation in the celebration..." The scale is difficult to gauge in the photographs, but the card and envelope are very small, only slightly larger than a standard business card.


  1. I love that. I am so happy that you decided to include a scanned image instead of just a transcription. I agree that the wording is "quaint."

  2. I love stumbling upon finds such as this amid old family papers! Fascinating to realize the tiny size of this letter. Do you suppose it was hand delivered, rather than mailed? I see no post mark.

  3. The handwriting must have been tiny too and it is such nice handwriting.


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