Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Porter and Ella Holt Conway - Wordless Wednesday

My great great-grandparents, Charles Turner Porter Conway (1828-1886) and his wife Ella (Eleanor) Holt Conway (1827-1895). They were born in Cocke County, TN and believed to have died and been buried there.


  1. She looks so sad. Is this a touched up photograph?

    1. Not touched up by me, but maybe by the photographer who reproduced the original portrait in the 1970s.

      As to Ella being sad, doesn't seem likely given what I know about the family. It's more likely is that she'd lost her teeth by this point and had to sit still for a couple minutes when the portrait was taken in the early 1880s. Many of my aunts had the downturned mouths, though we hardly ever saw them without a smile.


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