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A Challenge: One Bible Record, 5 Times Removed

I'd love to see what a citation pro would do with this!

Last summer I spent part of two days at the DAR Library in Washington, DC examining the documents in their files relating to my ancestors Jonathan and Philip Mulkey. I had, and continue to have, doubts regarding the records used to prove their Revolutionary War service for DAR membership. There were two Philip Mulkeys, possibly three, in what is now East Tennessee in the late 18th century. It has never been clear to me that the rosters naming Philip Mulkey are in fact referring to my 6th great-grandfather, Rev. Philip Mulkey (b. 1732, Edgecombe Precinct, NC) or that those naming John Mulkey are referring to his son, Rev. Jonathan Mulkey.

Nevertheless, it was a joy to finally see the records used by my grandmother and her cousins in their membership applications. The DAR files included digitized copies of family Bible records and transcriptions that I had never seen. The records support the information about the Mulkeys in the family record my grandmother gave to me in 1968.

Included was a transcription of a Bible record belonging to my 3rd great-grandfather (yet another) Philip Mulkey that was copied by Margaret Bayless McNees (my first cousin, 3 times removed) in 1937.  The Bible was then owned by Mulkey's son-in-law, John Horner of St. Clair, Hawkins County, TN.


"Philip Mulkey born Jan. 14, 1810; Died July 27, 1884.
           Married (1) Anna Duncan, born Oct. 23, 1809
                                                       died ...............1850 
                                              Married     June 2, 1831
Married (2) Matilda Smith, born Feb. 12, 1819
                                                      died .............1862   
Married Mch. 18, 1852
Married (3) Mary Jane (Hopper) Crouch, born Mch. 16, 1834
died ..................     
Married Aug. 10, 1865

Children of Philip and Anna Duncan Mulkey:
Sarah Mulkey         born Feb. 26, 1832
Isaac Mulkey         born Oct. 21, 1834
James Mulkey        born Aug. 23, 1836
Rachel Mulkey        born Sept. 15, .......     
John Mulkey          born Oct. 2, 1842
Annaliza Mulkey         born Feb. 9, 1844
Elizabeth Mulkey     born Mch. 15, 1846"


The information in this transcription is supported by census and pension records with two exceptions. Philip Mulkey's will was filed on 1 Oct 1883 in Hawkins County so the 1884 death date appears to be an error. Census records suggest that Rachel Mulkey was likely born in 1839. 

Anyone want to take a shot at writing a citation for this?  I've no idea. None. So here's the full rundown. 

The quote above is from photocopy of a digitized image of a document titled "Copy of Bible Record, Philip Mulkey". The document is a typed copy of Margaret McNees' transcription (which is likely a copy of her first transcription made in 1937) that was mailed to Blanche V. Range on 16 Jan 1939. The typed copy is dated 19 Jan 1939. It is a supporting document from the file of Blanche V. Range (DAR National # 312112), my 2nd cousin, twice removed. It is held at the DAR Library in Washington, DC where the digital image was viewed and copied on 24 Jun 2011. 

If I have that right it's five steps removed from the source - Mulkey's Bible, 1937 transcription, 1939 copy of transcription, 1939 typed copy of 1939 copy of transcription, digitized copy of typed copy viewed on computer, 2011 photocopy of digitized image. 

Have at it!!


  1. Goodness, not before another FULL pot of coffee and a lot of food!

    I think I would start as "Copy of Bible Record..." held by DAR... file of Blanche ... file # ...

    And, in the details of the source I would outline the steps it took to arrive in your data base.

    But, I need more coffee and I am not a Elizabeth type of sourcer. I source, but, not always by Elizabeth's standards.

  2. I like the way you did it. Not even going to try but wanted to say I love the little photo of tangled thread.

  3. As much as I enjoyed this post, and can identify with the joy you must have experienced as you saw the digitized records deemed important by your grandmother and her cousins, I find myself (like Kristin) in love with the picture you chose. As to the citation -- it would take more than a pot of coffee.

  4. Susan, I would have to agree that it should be cited as you found it, a digital image from a DAR file and then related the provenance in the notes.


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