Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mystery Cousins in Satu Mare - (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

This photograph was in a pocket sized photo album belonging to my grandfather. My aunt wrote on the back of the photo that it is the wife and children of her father's brother Ivan Papp in Satu Mare (now Romania). So far I have not discovered their names, but I see a clear family resemblance in the children.
I am woefully bad at dating photographs. These seem to be 1940s or early 1950s fashions. I would love to know if these were post or pre WWII.

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  1. Quite the puzzle here. The photo looks like one of those "walking picture" shots taken by a street photographer. The older woman's hat and clothes look more early 1940s. The girl's glasses also look more early 1940s. The shorter hemlines look more 40s than 30s. I've noticed in my own photos that European people in the mid to late 1940s (post WWII), often look thinner and more disheveled (e.g. old, ill-fitting clothes, hanging hems, and the like). These people are wearing well maintained, well fitting clothes. I also noticed the older woman is wearing stockings. How easy was it to get stockings in the late 40s in Romania? These people also look well put together. I tried zooming in on the photo. Do I see men in uniforms in the background? I'm not sure. What about that car way in the background? If you can zoom in on that you might get a better sense of the time period. If I was to guess simply on appearance, I'd probably say early 1940s. Nothing here says 1950s to me, but I might be totally off. Anyway, just a few thoughts. If you ever learn more I hope you post on it!


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