Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tools of the Trade - Treasure Chest Thursday

I dug into a box of family artifacts the other day. Things I haven't yet photographed or figured out what to do with.

These glasses were such a find. I don't remember examining them before. They were my paternal grandfather's safety glasses when he was a leather cutter at Endicott-Johnson in Binghamton, NY. I love the hinged screen at the sides.

My family enjoyed looking at the glasses. We're a group of science nerds - some of us with years of experience wearing safety goggles or glasses. So it was easy to find a willing model.


  1. Replies
    1. Aren't they? Not sure the mesh would work in a chemistry lab, but they did the trick for flying bits of leather or whatever else was floating about the factory floor.

  2. What a great treasure chest post! Handsome model there too! LOL

  3. Lovely treasure, Susan - how nice that they got saved! Ohhh, and the model looks pretty cute, too!

  4. It's such fun to find treasures that ancestors made, used, and/or wore. My father wore little magnifiers on the frames of his glasses when he was repairing watches. I thought they looked odd when I was a child. Now I treasure them (and wish I had the glasses, too!).

    You did a nice job of photographing these, Susan.

  5. Great find. I love that you were able to involve other family members - for the photo op!

  6. Thanks so for the compliments! They are a treasure, Nancy. I just need to figure out how and where to display them.

    And the model thanks you, Carol & Celia. His head is so turned he may start charging a fee, Michelle!

  7. You definitely need to display them somehow. What neat heirlooms!!


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