Monday, May 28, 2012

Day is Done - Memorial Day

In honor of all our family who have served in the military, but especially in memory of those who died during that service.

James Conway, born about 1751 in Prince William County, Virginia and died 28 December 1776 near Trenton, New Jersey. 

Matthew Judson McAdams, born 15 August 1835 in Washington County, Tennessee and died 19 June 1863 at Nashville, Tennessee.

Elisha T. McComas, born about 1840 in Sangamon County, Illinois and died 6 January 1863 at Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Ralph Eugene Williams, born 10 October 1895 in Comers Rock, Grayson County, Virginia and died 9 October 1918 in the Argonne Forest, Meuse, France.


  1. No one in my personal family has been killed in a war, although many fought. My ex-husband saw terrible things in Viet Nam that I think affect him to this day. In my class of 42 8th graders, 4 of the boys were killed in Viet Nam. And still it continues . . . So sad.

  2. What an appropriate tribute coupled with such an effective visual commentary.


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