Friday, June 7, 2013

Big (brother) Ben Bonnel

My apologies. I couldn't resist a little alliteration. Grandma Bonnel's photo album included two superb photographs of her eldest brother Ben and his family. Benjamin Edward Bonnel (1862-1926) was the second of Charles and Mollie Bonnel's 16 children. He was born in Platte County, MO, but the family moved soon after his birth to Atchison County, KS. He married Mary Catherine Best in 1885 and had eight children.

This first photo appears to have been taken while Ben and his wife Kate were traveling. Ben is holding an umbrella, Kate is seated in a cart hitched to an elegant looking goat. Both are garbed in summer dress. I am guessing the photograph was taken in the early 20th c., before the first World War. I have no idea where they might be. Any suggestions?
Ben Bonnel, oldest son of Charles Bonnel, and wife, Kate.

The second photo is a four generation portrait of Kate Best Bonnel, her daughter, Grace, mother Malinda Bricker Best and an unidentified granddaughter. The photograph had to have been taken before Malinda Best's death in 1917. 

Ben Bonnel's family. (clockwise from top left) Daughter Grace, wife Kate, wife's mother, granddaughter


Whitaker, Eva Bonnel. Bonnel Photo Album. c. 1885 - 1960. Privately held by granddaughter of E. B. Whitaker, McCook, NE. 1994.
The album was examined and photographed May 24, 2013 and permission was given to publish photographs.  

Sheffield Ingalls, History of Atchison County, Kansas (Lawrence, KS: Standard Publishing Company, 1916), 380. Biographical sketch of Aaron S. Best.

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  1. Sweet photos, Susan. Aren't they interesting! And the goat-drawn cart... where were they going? and why dressed up? (well, Ben needs his jacket on!) Fascinating photos. Thanks for sharing them, alliteration absolutely awe-inspring.


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