Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bonnel Family ~ Tombstone Tuesday

Last summer I visited the rural Noffsinger Cemetery (as in cows across the dirt road) in Atchison County, KS where my husband's Bonnel great-great grandparents are buried. Their grave is marked with a modern stone that obviously replaced the early 20th c. stone or stones. Next to the modern stone are four old and mostly illegible stones that are likely marking the graves of the four children whose names are engraved on the side of the modern Bonnel grave marker.

Bonnel graves in Noffsinger Cemetery near Effingham, Atchison, KS.

Charles F. Bonnel
1833 - 1919
His Wife
Mary C. Shouse
1841 - 1903

William F.
1866 - 1866
Margaret C.
1863 - 1872
Thomas B.
1880 - 1880
Myrtle E.
1886 - 1893
Children of C.F. & M.C. Bonnel


  1. Any info on when and by whom that lovely modern detailed stone was put up? Great details on this stone, I must say. Glad you made the trip.

    1. This is where it is clear I am still on auto-pilot mode, Celia! I don't know when or by whom it was placed. They had a large family, many of whom stayed in the area. I do know a couple others researching the family who may be more familiar with the details. On the to do list. Thank you!


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