Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Great-Greats: Charles F. Bonnel

Charles F. Bonnel, 1833 - 1919

The most exciting part of seeing Grandma Bonnel's photo album last month was seeing photographs of four of my husband's great-great grandparents for the first time. The album included images of her parents and Whitaker in-laws. We now have faces for seven of his sixteen great-great grandparents.

This photograph of her father, Charles Bonnel, is undated, but appears to have been taken fairly late in his long life. It is the clearest of the photographs and in the best condition. A treasure! 


  1. How wonderful! This is a lovely photo of your husband's greatgrandfather Charles. Treasures to be scanned ASAP!

  2. I bet you never thought that you would ever have pictures like that as you did the research . Very rewarding.


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