Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Great-Greats: Henry Lyman Whitaker

Henry L. Whitaker, 1838 - 1902

The most exciting part of seeing Grandma Bonnel's photo album last month was seeing photographs of four of my husband's great-great grandparents for the first time. The album included images of her parents and Whitaker in-laws. We now have faces for seven of his sixteen great-great grandparents.

This photograph is of a very young Henry Lyman Whitaker, Grandma Bonnel's father-in-law. On the back, in addition to a handwritten caption identifying him, is a fading stamp reading "A. R. TREAT, Photographer, ATCHISON, KANSAS, ____ Street". I cannot make out the street name.

I am quite taken with Grandpa Henry's curls and expressive eyes, traits I see in his descendents today.

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  1. A charmer. About 16-18 or so do you think? And all dressed up as well. Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos.


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