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Amanuensis Monday: Glendale, TN Social News 1991

Thanks to John at Transylvanian Dutch for providing a framework (and nudge) for transcribing family records, news clippings and other treasures.

This is another in a series of transcriptions of East Tennessee social news column clippings found in the papers of my grandmother and great-aunts.  This column appeared in 1991 according to a handwritten note in the margin, which corresponds with my memory of one of the events mentioned, a surprise party for Mary Kathryn McKenzie's 85th birthday.  It may have been published in the Greeneville Sun (Greene County, TN) in early July.  It appeared on page 9.  Though a relatively recent column, it reads as though it were written decades earlier.  Glendale is located in western Washington County not far from the Greene County line.  The article mentions locations in Cocke County (Centerview School), Greene County (Warrensburg), Washington County (Telford) and Lawrence County south of Nashville (Lawrenceburg and Ethridge).  Mrs. Davis was my 2nd cousin, once removed, and related to many of those named in the column.

Mrs. H. B. Davis

On Sunday, June 23, friends and relatives from all over gathered at Centerview School to honor Jane and Blaine Dawson on their 50th wedding anniversary. A large crowd gathered and wished them many more happy years together. A very nice reception of many delicious goodies and refreshments was enjoyed by everyone.

Among relatives from out-of-town were Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Dawson from Ohio; Donald Dawson from Seattle, Washington; Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dawson from Sarasota, Florida; Ronald and Betty Dawson, and Jay and Libby from Johnson City; Jess Sherian and Tiana, Missy and Ronnie from Morristown; and Dr. and Mrs. Russel Zwingman, David and Teresa from Saginaw, Michigan.

June Sawyer and her mother, Rose Reese, spent several days in Doug and Vickie Taylor in Telford last week. While there they did some shopping and sight-seeing in the nearby towns.

On Wednesday of last week several cousins gathered at the home of Mary Katherine McKensie (sic) in Warrensburg for an all day “get-together” for lots of “gab” and a sumptuous meal at noontime prepared by Mary Katherine and Susie, her helper. Those enjoying the day together were Shirley Sawyer, Ruby Holdway, Margaret Davis, Zora Moss, Hazel and Erma Jean Moore, Gertrude Denton, Rehle (sic) Holt, Flavia Sawyer from Morristown, and Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bryan from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On Saturday, June 29, Ronnie and Barbara Davis, Suella Nease, Irene Hux, and I left for Lawrenceburg to be the guests of Tom and Mary Benson on their “Rainbow Farm” in Ethridge for their fourth annual “Blackberry Picking Frolic Fiesta.” They have 12 acres of 12-foot rows of the nicest tame blackberries for the picking.

Each year Tom and Mary invite 500 of their friends to bring their buckets and be their guests. At noon, a huge table laden with traditional picnic fare is spread with an array of cold ice drinks and blackberry cobbler with ice cream. The day is set aside for fun and visiting, while a corn mill is grinding meal and whole wheat flour for guests to take a bag home with them if they wish.

Besides the blackberries Tom raises tobacco, corn and has many fruit trees and grapes. We came home with nice buckets of blackberries to make jelly and blackberry cobbler pies and happy with our enjoyable weekend.

On June 9, Kandi Henderson, daughter or (sic) Rebecca White, celebrated her 11th birthday at the home of Terry and Rebecca White. Those helping her celebrate were Ina Runyan; Betty White, Jeff Thornton; Brandi Holt; Shirley Brihn; Kay, Dusty and Kriss Shoemaker; Goldie and Michelle Forner; Roger, Doris and Jeremy Thornton; Debbie Sutton; and Michael Paul Runyan; and Shawn Inman.

Geneva Smith spent Tuesday night with her mother, Selma Wisecarver.

Visiting Hazel Philips and her mother recently were Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Calfee, Evadine Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert T. Rines, Pat Livingston, Shelvie Gibson, and daughters.

Mr. and Mrs. Vodra Moore and Tim and dinner with Hazel and Erma Jean Moore one night last week.

Mary Katherine McKensie (sic) was surprised with a birthday party by her relatives at her home in Warrensburg on Sunday, June 23. Her birthday was June 22.

Pat and L.E. Livingston will celebrate their wedding anniversary on July 15.

Birthday greetings to Leigh Ann Samples on July 5 and also my great niece Brittany Sawyer; Alta Palmer, July 16; Nannie Dockery, July 19; Tommy Dawson, July 9; and Fred Davis, July 13.

Visiting Hazel Phillips and her mother Bea on Saturday were Gladys Thomas and Evadine Knight and Sherrie Samples.

Happy wedding anniversary to Rev. Roy Van Miller and Sherrie July 6. I hope you have many more.

Mr. and Mrs. Clay Fox have been visiting their son’s family, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Fox and family, in South Carolina.

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