Monday, August 23, 2010

Amanuensis Monday: Morristown TN Social News, 1946, Part 3

Thanks to John at Transylvanian Dutch for providing a framework (and nudge) for transcribing family records, news clippings and other treasures.

This is the final part of a transcription of selections from the “Society News and Personal Notes” column from the Morristown (TN) Gazette and Mail, Friday, May 24, 1946, page 3.  I have not transcribed the Daily Calendar, announcements of Evangelistic Services, Community Club meeting, Singing Convention meeting, the schedule for commencement at Morristown College and an announcement of Summer School that were listed in the column. 


     Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Robertson of the Springvale road entertained with a birthday dinner on Sunday honoring their little son Billy, Mrs. T. E. Robertson, and Robereson (sic) Mathes.  Covers were laid for the hosts, honorees, T. E. Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carson of Talbott, Mr. and Mrs. Hearl Robertson, Mrs. Ellis Goan and son Walter Johnson, Wayyne (sic) Johnson and Frank Robertson of Weatherford, Tex.  During the afternoon, many family photographs were taken.  Hearl Robertson, one of the guests has just received his discharge from the service.