Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Thanksgiving Blessing and Recipe

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays, but it became my absolute favorite when our son was born one Thanksgiving morning. I delivered the relish tray and our daughter to a friend at dawn and our son several hours later. He arrived as the doctor rushed in from filing a police report after his car was stolen overnight and just after the television broadcast of the Macy's parade ended (along with my colorful commentary). It was quite the entrance - and one of the great blessings of my life.

Birthday and Thanksgiving have melded together - both joyous. We've put candles in pumpkin pie, had birthday cake the day after with turkey leftovers - all possible variations on the themes. But what says Thanksgiving and birthday to him more than anything else are the turkey cookies we made in lieu of cupcakes for his school classmates when he was young. Actually, we assembled them from various forms of corn syrup sweetened treats. Health food they are not. I've never managed to eat one, but my children swear they are delicious. So in his honor here they are. I won't vouch for their taste, but they are festive!

Gobbler Cookies

Ingredients:   Oreos
                     Hershey Kisses
                     Red Hots
                     chocolate frosting
                     candy corn

Spread frosting over each cookie and place Hershey Kiss on top slightly off center. This is the body. Arrange 5 or more candy corn pieces in a fan around the Kiss to make the tail. Stick a Red Hot onto top of the Kiss (on the opposite side from the tail) with more chocolate frosting to make the Gobbler's neck.

And if it's for a birthday - you can put a candle on one with even more frosting!

Happy Birthday, my love!


  1. Happy Birthday to the Turkey Day Kid! SO, mom, what was it you were yelling as the dr rushed in?? HMMMM?? LOL

    Very cute idea for his bd cookies. Not that I will be trying any time soon, I think you really need to be a youngster to, mmm, gag, errrr, get these down! LOL

    Great post!

  2. How neat! Instead of your son;s birthday getting lost in the shuffle of another holiday, you found a really wonderful way to make it stand out.

  3. What a great way to celebrate your son's birthday. Great story too. I love the turkey cookie idea! I'll have to try it next year. Of course you are talking to someone who spent hours sticking licorice legs onto cupcake spiders for Halloween, only to have all the legs fall off over night...

  4. Very neat - these are similar to one's I've made with chocolate covered cherries, Nilla Wafers, gum drops, and candy corn:

  5. Well, I might not be able to eat the entire cookie, but I would probably steal the candy corn off of it. Happy Birthday to the Thanksgiving Day kid!

  6. Turkey cookies will join the pies and cakes on our Thanksgiving table next year. Happy Birthday to your son.


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