Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Genea-Resolutions Update

One month in to 2011 and I'm already off track. This is far from unexpected. I have a long and rich history of starting projects but moving onto something more interesting once the novelty wears off (usually around day three). But I am actually fairly pleased with my efforts in January.

I began 2011 with my first hard drive failure in many years - and the first since I started digitizing the piles of photographs and papers that are threatening to force us out of the house. It was unpleasant and ate up almost two weeks, but all has been restored. Given an actual excuse I'll take it.

I still managed to accomplish a few things. Here's how things stand.

Organizing Research goals -
  • I am almost finished clearing the room that will become my workroom for processing the family papers. The papers themselves have been collected and are waiting to move in. Obviously no boxes got processed. I get a C on this.  
  • The website is closer to going live. I've completed the design, the Home Page, the geographical overviews, family page introductions and some individual pages. Given the limits on computer time this month I'm giving myself a solid A.
  • No updating on the pedigree file. An F here, but I can live with it given the circumstances. 
Blog goals -
  • I missed the biographical sketch. An F, but again, I'll forgive myself this.
  • I published a Hampton brickwall post. An A.
  • Posted at least a couple photos or transcriptions each week. Another A.
  • Blog reading. It's hard to stop at 30 minutes of reading when there are so many wonderful things to read. I managed to keep to the schedule most days, but there were a couple that simply got away from me. Of course, if you average in the days I was pretty much offline I did beautifully! I earned a B here. 
Research goals -
  • I aced this. Of course, my goal was to stop doing research. Done. I get an A.
Not too bad. We'll see how I do in February without a built in excuse!


  1. You did very well considering that little issue!

  2. I think you did better than I did at keeping mine! With a computer at your disposal for all of february I'm sure you'll bring up those failing grades.

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself. That is one reason I don't make goals. I think you've done well. Is the web page going to in addition to your blog? Anyway, good luck for February, it is a short month, so less to do.

  4. I think you've done great and I know you've been reading blogs because you've found your way to mine. One thing to consider -- I upload all of my digitized pictures to picasa web -- that way if my computer crashes, at least they will exist somewhere else.

  5. I think you did marvelously, all things considered. You should change your Fs to E for Excused this month!

  6. You've done more this month with your crashed computer than I have with my beautiful new fully functioning one. Hats off to you - especially for the transcription and website. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the website, as that is something I have to do some day.

  7. You have done well! Good for you! I know what you mean about the blog reading. There is so much good information out there, and I've learned so much over the last year. It's tough to fit everything in. I'm also impressed with you taking on a website. If you ever happen to find yourself in New England, could you visit me to help me out? At the very least we could have a support group meeting...

  8. Thanks for the encouragement, ladies. I'm content with January and have a bit of renewed energy for Feb. I'm hoping to have the website done by the end of the first quarter. I'm SUCH a novice that it is very slow going.


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