Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Legendary Foursome - Sports Saturday

My grandfather Bob Sawyer played golf. Regularly. Like clockwork. On Wednesdays. He and three friends had a foursome that played weekly for more than 50 years. By the time this photo was published in the local paper Granddaddy, who had macular degeneration, was nearly blind. He still managed to don his golf togs and tee up. Muscle memory and the kindest of friends, I suppose. 

The caption reads, "The legendary foursome flips for partners on the first tee at The Country Club, just as they have been doing for the last 50-odd years. From left are Bob Sawyer, Marion Roberts, Blair Reams and George Morris. W.C. Hale was on vacation and Morris gladly filled in. The average age of the this group is 72, and they play every Wednesday."

Granddaddy must have skewed the average some. He was 82 when the picture appeared in the paper. 

Source: Citizen Tribune (Morristown, TN), 18 Aug 1980, p. B-6. Digital Image. From author's personal files. 


  1. How neat! I'm sure that they must have been great friends. It must have been so nice for him to still get out and play even though he was going blind.

  2. Your grandfather gives me hope. Seems we have the same condition, so I'll look up to him. Thanks Susan.

  3. He seems to be looking at the coin anyway. it's nice he was able to keep on doing what he'd been doing for so long. when you can't do those things any more life starts to shut down.

  4. How cool is that?

    You go, Granddaddy...


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